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Georgie Films ‘IT’ PSA for Theater Audiences

We’ve all been sitting next to ‘that person’ at the movie theater – you know which one we’re talking about – not the person who crunches their snacks too loudly or even makes that awful noise with the straw when they know their drunk is empty. No, we’re talking about the texter.

It’s frustrating to be in the cinema for a film you’ve been looking forward to for months, sometimes years, and have a glowing light next to you, or someone giggling about a text or social media update.

Looks like fans of the movies aren’t the only ones who dislike when this happens, the actors and actresses don’t appreciate it either. Especially when they’ve put a lot of hard work into making the film, and when that film is one of the most highly anticipated of the year, well – you’d better be paying attention.

So, for audiences at the Alamo Drafthouse waiting to see It, Jackson Robert Scott aka Georgie, had a message for fans who were sitting in the theater.

We aren’t sure about you, and we can honestly say we didn’t text in theaters anyway, but after seeing that – well, we aren’t quite interested in floating, too.

EW revealed that the theater is known having tailored previews and segments before their films, so this isn’t the first time audiences have seen something special, but if we had to guess, we’d say it was one of the coolest.

Have you seen It yet? Let us know.