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‘IT’ star Jackson Robert Scott attends screening as Georgie

For those who have either red the book, seen the original mini series or watched the trailer one thing that you know for sure is that when George ‘Georgie’ Denbrough meets Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the sewers of Derry – nothing good is going to come of it. I mean a creepy clown in the sewer… what could possibly go wrong?

Georgie was the first victim to meet his demise at the hands of Pennywise, a truly heartbreaking scene that sets the tone for the dark Stephen King novel.

In the 2017 readaptation of the film, Georgie is played by Jackson Robert Scott and although his screen time was very brief, we certainly fell in love with his character.

We aren’t the only ones who loved the character! Jackson loved his character so much, that he  showed up to a screening of the film at an Alamo Draft House in Phoenix this past weekend in costume.

Scott showed up to the movie dressed as Georgie, complete with the character’s yellow raincoat, galoshes and Pennywise’s red balloon, while the theater supplied him with a sailboat made of newspaper. The Alamo Drafthouse captured Scott alone in the theater before the movie and posted photos of his appearance on their Instagram page accompanied with a caption that read ‘We floated with Georgie Last Night!’:

'IT' star Jackson Robert Scott attends screening as Georgie
Image: Instagram
'IT' star Jackson Robert Scott attends screening as Georgie
Image: Instagram

Jackson showing up in his official IT ‘Georgie’ costume was definitely one of the coolest film inspired appearances, along with the ‘all clown’ screening in Austin, Texas. His terrifying scene at the storm drain in which he encounters Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) is one of the most memorable and iconic scenes in all realms of IT.

If you have not yet seen the film yet, be sure to read our official review and catch it in theaters!

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Source: ScreenRant