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Fan Fest Exclusive Interview: Jackson Robert Scott on playing Georgie in ‘IT’

Remember how I said 2018 was truly the year of horror? We’ve got films like Truth or Dare, The First Purge and even a Halloween reboot set for release. All of these films only make me even more excited for one thing: What is coming next?

One Horror Film that we know is set for release in the great 2019 is IT: Chapter 2. A recent tweet from director Andrew Muschietti indicates that it is time for the production to get started, which means that we the fans can start getting all the more hype.

If there was one character who truly tugged at my heartstrings in IT: Chapter 1, it was Georgie Desborough. Having read the book and seen the 1990 original mini-series, I knew what fate was in the cards for Georgie. In fact, I think we all did. That didn’t make the scene where he meets his demise at the hands of Pennywise any less painful. Georgie’s death is what triggers his brother Bill and the Losers Club into mustering up as much bravery as they could, in order to stop the wicked Pennywise.

I recently had the amazing opportunity to speak with Jackson Robert Scott who plays Georgie in the 2017 adaptation, along with my fellow Fan Fest writing partner Linda! Jackson was such a joy to speak with and he was incredibly well-spoken and truly in love and committed to playing Georgie. Jackson talked about his amazing time on the set of IT: Part 1, and what was even cooler about it – he got an early birthday party on the final day of production!


Jules: Hi Jackson! My first question for you is, what was it like for you to play Georgie?

Jackson: Oh! It wasn’t scary at all because you know how I get to see the behind the scenes and everything? My favorite part about seeing all the behind the scenes is that I get to see how everything is made. I got to see how my fake arm was made, which was really cool! I had to make a mold and stuff to make my fake arm. I loved that!

Jules: You talked about your favorite behind the scenes moment, what was your favorite scene to film?

Jackson: I think it would have to be where I start screaming ‘you’ll float too’ in the hallucination scene. You know, where I keep saying ‘you’ll float too’ and Pennywise comes up and yeah, that was my favorite scene because well, first of all, I didn’t like getting wet but it was worth it. Every rain machine always has cold water, but I had a wetsuit on underneath!


Jules: What was it like for you the first time you saw Bill dressed as Pennywise? Were you scared at all or did you think it was kind of cool?

Jackson: You know, it was one of those in-between types of reactions. It was cool but at the same time kind of awkward and scary because I know he’s a really nice person in real life but at the same time his character stuns me. I always wonder how the special effects and the make-up do an amazing job of making his face and costume. They make such an awesome costume and it goes together and creates one of the most iconic characters in Stephen King’s IT.

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Jules: In the scene where Pennywise took off your arm, what was that like for you?

Jackson: Well, it was all CGI. He did really grab my arm for real but then he also like pulled it down. After that, it was all CGI when he bit me. When I fall back and I start crawling, that was fun. I was crying and I was crawling around with this cool fake arm. 


Jules: Did you spend a lot of time with the other kids on set when you weren’t shooting?

Jackson: Oh yeah, yes! They were lots of fun, I loved working on set with them. They’re great kids and I love working with them they are just so much fun. Even when we weren’t filming on the days we have off on the weekends, we got together and hung out and played. It was a lot of fun!


Jules: How did you like being a part of Fear the Walking Dead?

Jackson: I personally really liked going to Baha, California. That was the first time I had been to Mexico and I actually remembered it. I was there when I was a baby but I don’t really remember that at all. It was so much fun to be a part of that group! I love it!


Jules: How excited are you for IT: Part Two?

Jackson: I’m really excited. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! I can’t wait to see if Pennywise changes in any way. I think it won’t, maybe, I don’t know!. I really am excited to see how the adult versions play out in Stephen King’s IT: Part Two. That is going to be really cool and a lot of fun to see them change and grow up.

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Linda: Jackson,  you mentioned you don’t like the water too much but what do you like to do for fun?

Jackson: I usually like to play with my friends. I like soccer! I like Cub Scouts – that is a lot of fun and I get to be with my friends. Sometimes, we will play together on our iPad when we cant get together. It is just a lot of fun and I really love being with my friends. Baseball too! 


Linda: You talked about hanging out with your friends! How do your friends react to your part in the movie? Did they see it?

Jackson: Well, I don’t think they have seen it. They say that they have seen clips of it and that is true. They are really proud of me and my school supports me and I’m really happy that my principal is letting me do this and it is such an awesome opportunity to have.


Linda: What are your favorite subjects in school?

Jackson: I like science. Social Studies is one of my favorites as well. Of course, every other kid loves recess AND lunch! I love Math a little bit – and that’s really it. Oh! I also love Writing!


Linda: What kind of movies do you like to watch? Are you into superheroes or anything like that?

Jackson: No, I’m not really into that yet. I like Thrillers. I like Disney movies a lot. UP is one of my favorite movies. There is Ghostbusters, I like that for sure. Star Wars, I love that too! I have never met a kid that does not like Star Wars. I saw Peter Rabbit, and that was a really good movie!

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Linda: Who is your favorite Disney character? Do you have one in particular?

Jackson: Hmm – I don’t know. My favorite one out of all of them would have to be the old man in UP. I forgot his name but he is really funny – and I like funny a lot. Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. are my favorites too!


Jules: If you could turn into any animal for the day, who would it be?

Jackson: Oh! That’s a good one! I feel like I would either want to turn into a snake or maybe a dinosaur like a  Velociraptor or something like that. I really like lizards. Actually, I think I would be an Iguana! They are pretty cool!