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Finding The Right Comic ‘Con-nection’

New York Comic Con
Fans flock to the massive stage that is New York Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

Comic Conventions. Once a place for self-proclaimed geeks to gather in a shared obsession over the comic book universe has slowly become a frenzy of fans seeking their favorite pop culture icons. As social media has progressed, so has the popularity of comic cons. Geek is now quite chic. TV personalities, movie stars, artists, animators, collectors and cosplayers… there is an endless array of comic cons suited to every fan’s desires. While I think it’s great to provide options, things can tend to get a bit ‘con-fusing’.

Norman Reedus, Walker Stalker Con
The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus all smiles as he greets fans at Walker Stalker Con in Philadelphia. Credit: Linda Marie

What I’ve noticed over the past couple years is that all cons are not created equal. Having attended a wide variety of conventions both large and small, I am often asked… Which are the best? While I definitely have my own favorites, I really have no solid answer to that. Do you want to mingle with celebrities, meet your favorite creator, search for collectibles, pick up some artwork? Are you into anime, horror, gaming, comics, cosplay? Do you deal well with large venues or do you prefer a more intimate setting? Bringing the kids? Got money to toss around or do you need to be frugal? These and more are all things to think about when choosing the best option for you.

Fabio Nicieza, Deadpool, East Coast Comic Con
Deadpool creator Fabio Nicieza engages a fan at East Coast Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

Something else I must consider when making a con recommendation is the aspect from which the individual is asking. Are you a guest, an artist, a merchant, a volunteer or simply a fan looking to have a good time? A comic con can be awesome or awful depending on your point of view. I know, I know, a lot to think about. Imagine how I feel when I am posed the question time and again. What is a person to do? I can only hope to provide information that will allow you to make your own best decision. To that end, I have decided to implement an informative rating system and I need your help!

Baltimore Comic Con, Comic Books
Comic books galore at Baltimore Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

To be clear, this is not an attempt to compare one comic convention to another. The directive is to provide insight as to how each con fares regarding certain elements so that individuals can make an informed decision in choosing a con. I also hope it will bring forth opportunities for improvement to help events put out a top-notch con experience.

Wizard World, Sebastian Stan, Winter Soldier
The Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan having a great time at Wizard World Philadelphia. Credit: Linda Marie

I will begin my task with a list that includes things like ticket options, celebrity access, artist availability, panel selection, floor organization, merchant variety and more. Rating implementation (details to be determined) will be on a trial basis, based on my own observations and feedback from fellow attendees. I want to give voice to all involved.

Cosplay is strong at The Greater Philadelphia Comic Con. Credit: Linda Marie

If you see me at your next comic convention, chat me up. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like, how you think things could be improved. I wanna know! If you have ideas for elements you think should be rated, please comment below or hit me up social media. Twitter: @LindaMW87 Instagram: comic_con_crazy

Next up? Wizard World Philadelphia… See you there!



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