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DareDevil ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ Recap/Review

Ever wonder what happened to
Wilson Fisk after the Season 1 finale?
I know I sure did.

In the
opening minutes of ‘Seven Minutes in
we catch up with the events that occurred after Fisk was sent off
to prison.
Fisk, to no
surprise, sets his sights on taking down a particular prisoner named
who calls himself the
‘kingpin’ of the prison. Fisk has no trouble
making friends, as he uses
his lawyer and his prison best
friend, Stewart, to
perform favors for some of the other prisoners. This
works highly in Fisk’s
which was how he was able to orchestrate the meeting between himself and
Punisher in the concluding
minutes of ‘Guilty as Sin’. Clearly, he has
something big planned and
whatever it is, Fisk is sure willing
to spend the rest
of his funds on the grand plan.


Elektra continues to
care for Matt, cleaning up his
injuries following the attack of
the lone ninja
who tried to kill both Matt and Elektra. Elektra tells Matt
not to worry about
and she has taken care of it. Matt feels absolutely horrible,
since the lone ninja was just a kid
and Elektra killed him. Elektra
tells Matt he cannot let his emotions get
the best of him, at least not now.

‘The Hand’ is, as a matter of fact, very real… and they now know Matt
Elektra are onto them. The
battle has begun, and there is nothing they can do
but fight.

calls Elektra out, saying that he
knows she enjoys
killing… he saw the adreneline rush in her eyes. Elektra
tells Matt that she
killed someone when she was twelve years old. She didn’t do it to protect

anyone. She did it, just so she
knew that she could do it; that she could just
take a life. Matt tells
Elektra that they need to stop
corrupting each other,
and that the Yakuza and ‘The Hand’ is a battle he
needs to fight on his own.

Elektra leaves, without saying a word.

Fisk and The Punisher continue
have their conversation,
and Fisk tells Frank he has been following his case.
Fisk says that Frank
should not have listened to Matt
and Foggy’s advice to
plea insanity. Rather, he should have gone directly
for closure. Frank asks what

Fisk means by ‘closure’. Fisk tells Frank there is a man who is a prisoner
another cell (named
Dutton) who boasts about his involvement with several
criminal factions, and
that he most definitely
had a hand in the
massacre at the park involving Frank’s family.

“The War you waged in New York City, it got you nowhere. I’m

offering you something… no
one else could. If you don’t want my help, fine.
By all means, enjoy

Fisk, Marvel’s DareDevil


eventually convinces Frank, ensuring him a safe passage to Dutton’s cell so

that he can get his revenge.
Fisk has a guard in his pocket, and they will be
able to provide Frank with
a 7-minute window during shift
change. Frank agrees
to do it, but following this ‘deal’, he and Fisk are
done. Fisk agrees.
hands Frank a shiv, saying it is the best they could



Foggy visits Matt, and tells him he thinks
they should
shutter the office
for a few weeks. Matt tells Foggy that he thinks it would be
best if they
put some distance between them.
There are terrible things happening
in Hell’s Kitchen, and the city needs
The DareDevil. He’s not going to
doing what he’s doing. He tells Foggy to tell Karen that they both are
off without him in
their lives. Foggy heads back to the office, to start packing
up his office.
Karen comes in, and tells Foggy
she has something she needs to
show him. She pulls out the photos from
Frank’s families murder, and asks him

if he remembers the ‘John Doe’ the medical examiner said he altered along
Frank’s family. She
shows him a photo of two bodies laying side by side, and in
another picture
from a different angle, there is
only one body. It was almost as
if the second body was never there. Foggy
suggests the body was already
and tagged. Karen disagrees, saying she found no record of a death
Foggy tells Karen
the trial is over, and she needs to let it go.

heads out as
DareDevil, and he encounters Stan
(the Yakuza accountant from the
gala) in the parking garage. He asks him
what he knows about The Hand. Stan

replies saying that they destroy everything in their way. Matt tells Stan he

knows about Roxxon, the
hole, and the ledger and he wants to know what they are
up to. Stan tells
Matt that they are holding Stan’s
son, Daniel, hostage; which
is why he has been doing everything he is being
told. Matt tells Stan to take

him where ‘The Hand’ is holding Daniel.

Karen heads back to The

Bulletin and
shares what she has learned with the editor-in-chief
about the ‘John Doe’
in the medical examiner report.
He asks Karen to come
with her, to interview Dr. Tepper at his private
residence to see if they can
him to talk outside of the courtroom, without The Punisher or The D.A

present. Despite the trial being over,
Karen has done a hell of a job digging up
some missing pieces to the puzzle.
Which he admires.

meets up with
the prison guard, who unlocks the hallway and tells him that
he has 7 minutes to
get all
the information he needs. Frank heads down the hallway, his laundry in
hand and the shiv in the other.
Frank walks into Dutton’s cell and slits
the throat of Dutton’s cellmate,
before pinning Dutton against the
wall. He
tells Dutton they need to have a conversation.

Karen and
arrive at Dr. Tepper’s house and ask him questions about
the John Doe. Dr.
Tepper says the man didn’t have
a name, but tucked inside his
left shoe he had a police call sign. He was an
undercover cop.


Frank asks Dutton what he was doing
that day in the
park by the carousel. Dutton
admits that he was doing a drug
deal, brokering between the three mob
leaders. The deal went south, and it

turned out to be a sting. The feds infiltrated one of the gangs (Dutton
sure which) after they
discovered how big the drug exchange was going to be.
They were after the
man in charge, the man who
organized the whole exchange, he
called himself ‘The Blacksmith’. Frank
stabs Dutton, leaving him

Frank heads down the hallway, and meets the cops
at the gate.
Instead of
letting Frank out, they lock the gate and unleash all of the
prisoners in
the hall from their cells. Fisk
appears above, smirking down at
Frank. He thanks Frank, saying that he
‘couldn’t of done it without him’.
and the cops walk away. Chaos erupts, as the prisoners charge for Frank.
In a
very violent, bloody
battle, Frank takes Dutton’s men out one by one and
slaughters them all.
Riot control police come in, and
take Frank

Matt breaks into the building where The Hand is
holding Daniel
hostage, and he
interrogates Mr. Hirochi, who appears to be a sectional leader
for The Hand.
Matt hears a bubbling sound in
the basement, and he realizes that
its blood.

Fisk meets with Frank
in his isolation cell. He tells
that he has a gift and after seeing Frank’s ‘talent’ in action,
Fisk realized
he couldn’t let
Frank go to waste. Frank headbutts Fisk, and they both exchange
some hand to
hand combat. Fisk eventually
throws Frank down, and then orders the
guards to release him. He baits Frank
into leaving, telling him to go
find ‘The
Blacksmith’ for his family. When in actuality, he secretly wants
Frank to kill
all the
dangerous men who stand in his way. Frank then says the next time the
two of
them meet, only one of them
walks away. Fisk smirks, saying he’s
counting on it. Frank leaves the
building dressed as a riot control
cop, and
slides into a dark van which drives him away from the

Matt heads
down to the
basement of The Hands operations, and finds several prisoners hooked
up to
machines, draining them of their
blood. Matt cuts the lines, including the
one connected to Stan’s son. When
he does, ninja stars fly at Matt
and a ninja
dressed in black appears saying ‘the weren’t finished’. Matt
and the
mysterious ninja
begin fighting, but Matt is eventually knocked down.

ninja takes
off his mask, and we see that it
is Nobu, who is clearly very



A Few


Okay, I know I have said it
before but I am saying it
again… this is now my new favorite episode this
season. Not only did I get an

awesome amount of ‘The Punisher’ fix, but I got to see not one but TWO

villains return to my

So now that Frank is out and running
around, back on his
hell-bent path of revenge, what
really is in it for Fisk?
Now that he’s clearly in control of this prison
and even has the cops in his

pocket, will we see him rise to power once more?

I’m extremely
by this whole
Foggy/Karen/Matt falling out ordeal, but my hopes are high that
rekindle their friendships.

stunts in this episode were
phenomenal in fact, I think they were the best
I’ve seen so far this season.

Excellent work!!




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