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DareDevil ‘Dogs to a Gunfight’ Recap/Review

Given the way that the
Season 2 episode ‘Bang’ ended, we know one
thing is for sure. After being
shot in the head by The Punisher,
Matt’s clearly
in trouble.

The episode opens with Foggy outside the
hospital, where
Karen and
Grotto came under fire of the mysterious shooter. Foggy overhears
about a shooter on the rooftops,
and he immediately takes off. He goes
to the multiple apartment complexes,
running up to the roofs. He
finally finds
Matt, bracing onto a sky light for dear life. Foggy takes him
back home to


When Matt wakes up, Foggy expresses his continuous concerns
Matt going out at night
dresses as the devil. He even tells Matt that Matt has
given more than
enough to try and save the city. Foggy
even attempts to get rid
of the DareDevil suit, but Matt stops him. Foggy
politely tells Matt to ‘take a

sick day’ given that he just survived a headshot and that he and Karen
take care of their new
client, Grotto.

While Grotto changes out of his
hospital gown, Karen
and Foggy start to question Brett
for more information on
the shooter. Brett says that the shooter works for
no one, and the D.A claims he

is acting independently, targeting different crime families. Unlike the

DareDevil, this shooter is
extremely violent and turns streets into blood

Meanwhile, Matt
is suffering the affects of his
battle with The
Punisher. His concussion is severe enough to the point, that
he temporarily is
unable to
rid himself of a loud ringing in his ears. He finds himself so
damaged, that
he cannot even fill a glass of
water without dropping it. He’s
not nearly prepared to fight.

and Karen meet with the D.A,
Reyes. She immediately tries to take over Grotto’s case, but after a
verbal battle with
Foggy, she agrees to let Foggy help in the case. Grotto tells
the D.A that
if they agree to place him under
witness protection, he will give
them the name of all his connections in the
Irish mob. The D.A claims that
not good enough, and instead, they want him to wear a wire and take down
Brass, a high valued
target for drug trafficking. To persuade Grotto, they show
him several
forensic files of the bodies dropped
by the mysterious shooter; the
one who attempted to kill Grotto and Karen.
They disclose that their

intelligence calls him ‘The Punisher’, and that he always hits his target.

He’s extremely violent, and
even if his targets are lucky enough to survive his
‘hit’ on them, he
always tracks them down and kills

Marvel’s DareDevil

We then are
shown a scene of the
Punisher entering an illegal
pawn shop, where he asks the
clerk for a NYPD mobile communications rig that
is encrypted with tactical

frequencies. He also asks for the video tape from the store surveillance
along with the clerk’s
double-barrel gun under the counter. As The Punisher
leaves, the clerk makes
a sly joke trying to get The
Punisher to buy some
pornogrophy including one titled ‘She’s barely 12’.
With that, The Punisher
in his tracks, turns around and kills the clerk.

Karen goes to
Matt to see how he is recovering,
and she expresses to him how afraid she
really is. His senses are now back
in check, and he tells her that
he’s feeling
much better. She also tells Matt that when he is ready to tell
her what is
actually going
on with him, she will be there for him. (Hmm…) She discloses
the D.A’s
plan to have Grotto wear the wire,
and how he is living in fear of
The Punisher. Matt suggests they figure out
a way to start a file on him,

gathering as much information as they can.

Matt takes his mask to
for repairs, and then he
heads back out on the streets. He visits the crime
scene where the Irish
massacre took place. He walks
outside and finds a few
blood splatters, which he literally follows to a
corner location. He then hears

indistinct chatter as if on a police radio. He follows the noise to a
abandoned building, and
he enters to find what appears to be The Punishers base
of operations. While
Matt is in The Punisher’s lair,
the Punisher makes another
move on the Dogs of Hell, killing a few of their
members and taking their stolen


We cut to Foggy, Karen and Grotto, who are about to use

Grotto (who is wearing a
police wire) as bait to get Edgar Brass to admit he is
dealing again. In an
unexpected twist, the cops move
in on Grotto’s position
and Foggy realizes that Brass is not actually
coming, and that the D.A have set

up a trap for The Punisher. After the cops take out a semi-truck headed
way, they realize that it
was a diversion.

As The Punisher lines up his
sniper shot on a roof
across the way, Matt arrives in
time to knock him off of
his feet. The police struggle to shoot, as they see
The DareDevil now fighting

the Punisher. The D.A demands them to take the shot, and they begin making

scattered shots, some actually
hitting The Punisher.

In the concluding
minutes, The Punisher and
Matt fall through a glass through a
glass roof once
again, both of them heavily beat. As they both stand up,
Matt begins to
experience the
concussed symptoms once more. The episode ends with Foggy and
members of the
NYPD looking down through the
frame of the glass window that The
Punisher and DareDevil fell through. Both
men are gone, and all that
remains is
a giant streak of blood on the ground.

A Few


I like
how much more the incorporated The Punisher
into this episode, and finally
revealed his name. This episode
goes to show how
awesome Jon Bernthal is at bringing this character to life.
One of the scenes
where we
got to see just a touch of The Punisher that I want to mention was when
was in the illegal pawn shop.
Possibly an allude to his ‘sensitive’

The pawn shop guy made
a joke about having pornography
and one of
them involved a 12-year old girl. After this comment, The
Punisher turned and
killed him. I
believe this hinted towards The Punisher’s resentment towards
those who
mistreat children. If you’re
familiar with the comics, you know that
The Punisher’s daughter, Lisa along
with the rest of his family was
This pawn shop guy clearly hit a spot. I wonder how closely to the
comics they
are going to be
following Frank Castle (The Punisher) story. Marvel Studios has
always been
fantastic about that, and I look
forward to seeing how they plan on
unfolding this character’s

I like how these characters
really developing this season. Season One was much slower to start, and
I like
how quick and fast-
paced this Season already is… and it’s only been two

find Karen’s character
development particularly awesome. In
Season One she was extremely fragile
and struggling to find what side
belonged to. Now, she is a much stronger person and extremely quirky,
might I
add. She’s clearly
picking up on Matt and Foggy’s personalities.

again, I was not
disappointed in this episode. It
was awesome. I love that they
brought Melvin back to the screen, along with
Brett. I hope we get to see more

of these two characters. They really do add a touch of spice to the show.

Especially Melvin, with his
fantastic costume designing… I’m sorry, but I
can’t stop talking about
how awesome the new suit

Onto Episode 3!



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