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DareDevil ‘Bang’ Recap/Review

Published on March 18th, 2016 | Updated on March 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Devil is in the

I have been anxiously awaiting
the arrival of Season 2 of
DareDevil on Netflix and today it
has finally
arrived. The Season 2 premiere episode titled ‘Bang’ sets the
stage for an
promising season and yes, I am currently binge watching as we


The season premiere kicked off
just as I had hoped, with a high
speed chase. A group of various thieves
were fleeing through the streets of

Hell’s Kitchen, when their progress was interrupted by none other than…
DareDevil, sporting his
brand new suit. I have to say, I’m in love with

Following this
scene, we then see our two
favorite lawyers walking in
the daylight. Foggy continues to share his
concern for Matt running around late

at night, participating in his vigilante activities. Matt dismisses Foggy’s

concern, saying that he
worries too much and that there are things that the
DareDevil can accomplish
that two lawyers under the light
of day

Business appears to be booming for Nelson and Murdock.
though they seem to be
busy with appointments hourly, they are still struggling
to keep alive
financially. But hey, all businesses
have to start somewhere
right? The good news is, they are starting to
finally get some clientele! I’m

sure with Wilson Fisk no longer around business will continue to keep
rolling on

We are then
taken away from the light of day, to a building that
appears to be a
warehouse. Almost a dozen men are
gathered in a room, some with
cards, some with booze… and some with an
agenda. We are introduced to a

mysterious leader; who gives a speech about how the Irish used to run
Kitchen before Wilson Fisk
took over. Before this leader can raise his bottle in
celebration, gunshots
disrupt the meeting, killing
almost all of the members in
a hail of bullets. One man manages to escape,
in a near critical


Matt and Karen are facing off in a ‘heated’ pool match,
Matt’s senses pick up
on a man watching them from the bar. Matt approaches the
man, and tells the
mysterious stranger that he has
nothing to fear. The man, who
calls himself ‘Grotto’ says that he has
business to attend to with Nelson and

Murdock. He explains to Matt, Foggy and Karen that he feels he needs to go
witness protection after
working under the ‘Brannigan’ family. Since Grotto
was the only survivor
at the massacre that occurred
earlier that evening, he
feels as though whoever killed the Irish, is going
to be coming for him next.

Grotto then collapses on the ground, with a severe wound.

Matt and
head down to the Burren
Club, where the massacre took place. They run into their
friend Brett, who
is a NYPD Officer. He subtly urges
them to leave. He states
that ‘Hell’s Kitchen is about to explode’. Matt
overhears the coroner

discussing how this current massacre is worse than the one he saw involving
‘Dogs of Hell’, a biker

Matt suits up as the devil, and tracks
down Turk, who is a
fence for selling arms and
ammunition. He tortures Turk,
crushing his hand until Turk reveals to him
that whoever massacred the Irish,
clearing instilling fear in Hell’s Kitchen. Mobsters are arming
themselves with
military grade arms,
including the cartels.

Foggy heads to the safe house
for the ‘Dogs
of Hell’, intending to meet with
an old classmate named
‘Smitty’ who he hopes can shed some light on the
recent massacre involving his

fellow bikers in order to compare similarities to the current massacre of
Irish. Foggy finds himself
in trouble, as the Dogs of Hell are extremely leery
of what Foggy wants with
one of their men. One of the men
takes Foggy outside
and secretly reveals to Foggy that ‘Smitty’ is dead,
butchered to death along
a few of their other men. He urges Foggy to leave and to not come


Matt visits a slaughterhouse,
which appears to be a cartel safe
house. He finds the cartel members strung
up and hooked next to their meat.
finds one of the men still alive, and brings him down. The man tells
Matt that
‘he always imagined
the devil would come for him, but he thought he would be
dead’. Matt asks
him what group of men did this to
him. He responds with ‘Not
a they. Him. One Man.”

Enter The


moments I have been waiting for since this second season first teased it…
got our first glimpse at
The Punisher!

After disarming a cop, he
continued on his path to
locate Grotto. Karen breaks Grotto
out of the hospital,
after pulling the fire alarm. They finally make it
outside, and jump in the car.
Punisher then takes his position on the roof, and we see Grotto in Karen’s

car, through the scope of a
military grade sniper rifle. Before The Punisher can
snipe Grotto from
existence, Daredevil intercepts the
shot, knocking The
Punisher to the ground. After some hand to hand combat,
both men have some clear
and tear on them. Clearly, they both underestimated the strength of their


Finally, The
Punisher turns to DareDevil and with a bloody
smirk mutters ‘Bang’, and
shoots DareDevil in the head.
DareDevil then falls
off the roof, and the scene fades


A Few


Since I was a teenager, I always remembered my
talking about ‘The
Punisher’. He even has a tattoo of the Punisher skull
saying ‘if you want
peace, prepare for war’. I am as
caught up on Punisher
research as I could possibly be, thanks to my
brother… and I am extremely
to be. I find the character extremely fascinating and when I heard that
Bernthal would be portraying the
role of The Punisher (aka Frank Castle) I
was extremely ecstatic. He fits
the physique, and he is also a
phenomenal actor.
I am extremely excited to see what he is going to bring to
this character. His
time this episode was approximately 3 minutes and he only delivered

one word and I already love

I love the new suit. Granted, I
really did love the black masked
ninja look that they had going
on last season
also, but the costume design is spectacular. Kudos to the
costume designers, the
suit is
amazing. I mean, look at it!


with the balance between light and darkness in this episode. I love that
writers balanced out the scenes
with the cheerful, comedic moments among the
golden trio (Karen, Matt and
Foggy) with the darker, action
packed scenes.
Marvel’s DareDevil holds much promise this season and I
cannot wait to trek on
and see
what else they have in store for us this season.

If you have not

started the second season yet,
absolutely watch it! If you still have not caught
up from Season One, you
can read my catch-up here.


those of you who HAVE
already started, tell me your thoughts? What do you think
about this season
so far? What did you think about
the season premiere?

look forward to your

Meanwhile, back to binge watching! 🙂

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