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DareDevil ‘Regrets Only’ Recap/Review

Published on March 25th, 2016 | Updated on March 26th, 2016 | By FanFest

Picking up where we left off
in the DareDevil episode ‘Kinbaku’,
we know that DareDevil and Elektra are
currently in hot water. With the
closing in on their position, Matt has no safe chance of escaping
unless he
teams up with Elektra,
and fights off the Yakuza; against his will. They manage
to take out the
small squadron without much trouble.
I do have to say, I love
how the new DareDevil mask has the eyes that glow
red. It really does add to

that ‘devil’ effect.

Matt and Elektra head to a small diner, and
demands to know how
Elektra found herself involved with the Yakuza. Elektra
explains that her
money is deeply planted inside
investments with Roxxon
Corporation and Roxxon has ties to crime. Since
Elektra planted a bug to jam

Roxxon’s systems when she had the meeting with the representatives and the

Yakuza were the ones to show
up, she now has proof the corporation is dirty.
Matt says he has chased the
Yakuza out of Hell’s Kitchen
before, and he will do
it again. He strongly urges Elektra to leave and that
he can take out the Yakuza

on his own, and that he doesn’t need a partner. Elektra says that the
never left, they just went
into hibernation while the ‘devil of Hell’s
Kitchen’ took out all the
competition. Matt eventually agrees
to help Elektra
as long as he gets a say in the plan and Elektra doesn’t
kill anyone. Also,
once the
Yakuza leave, Elektra must also leave Hell’s Kitchen.


Back in the law office, Karen and Matt meet
with the
Public Defender, Mr.
Roth. Mr. Roth shows Karen a statement that he drafted up,
based on Karen’s
police report. He discloses that
the D.A is pushing the death
penalty for Frank Castle (The Punisher), and
since New York doesn’t have the

death penalty, she is trying to find evidence to connect him to the Dogs of
Murders on I-95 in
Delaware; since Delaware does have the death penalty. Karen
several discrepancies, including the
fact that Grotto was with her and
he was the intended target. Karen refuses
to sign his statement, and Mr.

Matt suggests that they try to help Castle, and that he
with Karen that they
should push for a fair trial. Matt has a private
conversation with Foggy,
who eventually agrees and they head
to the

When they arrive at the hospital, they discover that
Brett has
been promoted to
Detective Sergeant. Brett warns them that representing Castle
could be
career suicide, especially since they
would be going up against the
D.A. When Castle wakes up, Matt tells him that
he believes someone in the D.A

Office clearly wants him dead, and they wish to represent him. Frank tries
play smart with them, but
Karen steps forward and shows Frank the picture of him
and his family that
she took from his house. Before
Frank can further question
how Karen got the photo from his house, D.A Reyes
appears and demands they


She tries to play the game with Matt on how he is breaching
York ethics, but Matt
refuses to back down and calls her out on it. Brett comes
out and tells
Reyes that Frank wants Nelson and
Murdock to represent him. Matt,
Foggy and Karen head into a private room to
talk about the case but their

conversation is interrupted when someone knocks on the door and a man in a
tells Matt that his
’employer’ has a car waiting for him downstairs. Matt
tells Foggy he will
return as soon as he can and he
heads out.

discovers that it was Elektra who sent the limo for
him, and becomes slightly

irritated. Elektra discloses to him that they are heading to a gala to steal
top secret Roxxon ledger
that details illegal going-on’s in Hell’s Kitchen.
Matt reluctantly agrees
to go, and he learns that their
target’s name is Stan
Gibson and he has a card that will give them access
to a secret floor in the

Yakatomi building. If they get the card, they can access the floor and steal

Back at the hospital, Foggy and Karen realize the
they have cut out for them. 37
seperate murder convictions on-top of 98
additional charges. Foggy and Karen
both head back into Frank’s
hospital room,
but Frank tells Foggy that he only wants to talk to Karen,
alone. Foggy refuses
to leave,
but Karen finally convinces him to go. After Foggy leaves, Frank asks
what she knows about his family.
Karen reads Frank a Police report that
the D.A plans to run on the murders
of his family. Frank tells Karen
the report
is all lies. Karen asks Frank what he remembers, but he can only
remember it in
pieces. He
blames himself, saying it was his job to protect them and he


Karen becomes slightly
overwhelmed with sadness and attempts to
leave. Frank stops her, asking her
to please stay. He’s afraid
he’s going to
forget what happened, and he doesn’t want to forget. What he
does remember goes
in and
out. He remembers they were at their spot, and his wife was at the
He heard her scream and he saw a
grown man. He later found out that
the Cartel, the Irish, and the Bikers
were all there that


and Matt locate their
target, Stan Gibson, at the gala but Matt realizes that
security is extra
tight around him. Elektra greets a
man named Mr. Hirochi, who
appears to be running the party. Matt pretends to
accidentally bump into Stan so

that his wine spills all over his white suit. Mr. Gibson acts as though he
about to get infuriated,
but once he sees Matt is blind he takes pity on him. He
heads to the
bathroom, and Elektra realizes the
brilliance in Matt’s plan. Matt
follows Mr. Gibson to the bathroom and
after tripping the lights, knocks Mr.

Gibson and his men out. He proceeds to steal his secret access card, and he
Elektra head up to the
secret floor.

Frank tells Karen that she was never
in any danger,
back in the hospital when Frank was
tracking down Grotto. He
doesn’t hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it. He
tells her the truth about

Grotto, about how he killed an old lady who saw his face and how he
proceeded to
kill for the

Frank tells her that he never went back to his house
that day, and he asked her about
what she saw. He asked her about how the
kitchen was still set up; if the
plates were put away or if they
were still on
the table. He and Karen then exchange a few stories, and Frank
talks about his
children. It
was almost as if he was trying to connect with her to show his
humanity and
just a touch of humility. I
absolutely loved this scene. Frank
thanks Karen, telling her that she helped
him remember how everything used

Foggy comes in and tells Frank that the state of Delaware
have evidence to charge
and convict Frank for the 6 Dogs of Hell Murders. So,
the death penalty is
off the table. However, Reyes
wants a triple life sentence
with no chance of parole. Foggy tells Frank
that he convinced her to get it down

to one life sentence with a chance of bail after 25 years. The only problem
he won’t be in
protective custody. He would be in general population. Frank
agrees to plead



In a surprising twist, when
the judge and reyes come
to the room, Frank pleads ‘not guilty’ and that
Reyes will ‘burn’ right next

to him. Due to the severity of his crimes, there will be no bail A court
will be set upon
consultation with the D.A’s office. Frank begins swearing and
cursing at
Reyes, and she leaves the room.
Foggy and Karen begin to panic, now
that their situation is not going
according to plan.

Back at the
Elektra manages to get the security cameras on a loop so that they can
the secret floor
without being spotted. After minutes of searching and dodging
security guards, they finally locate
the Roxxon ledger in a secret
room, triggered by a secret bonsai tree plant
used as a switch. Elektra
to read the ledger, but Matt tells her they are out of time and
security is on
its way. They
manage to escape after posing as a drunk, young couple who is just
for some ‘privacy’.

Elektra’s limo, Elektra reads that
there are invoices for arms, guns,
ammunition, drugs and laborists of
some sort.
She then shows Matt that part of the invoices is written in a
secret code that
she can’t
decipher. Matt agrees to meet Elektra again at a later time, to see
what the
gang is hiding and shut down the
Yakuza for good

In the Yakatomi
building, we are shown Mr. Hirochi
who tells Mr. Gibson that ‘they’
have spent
decades on this operation… and now their secret ledger was
gone. Mr. Gibson
pleads that he
only has respect for the Yakuza. Mr. Hirochi smirks and says
‘who says I
was Yakuza?’

Matt returns
to his apartment to an angry
Foggy, who asks him where he has been. He tells
him that Castle pleaded ‘not

guilty’ and that the trial for the century was about to begin. Reyes pulled

every string she had, and
fast-tracked the trial to next week. Frank agreed to
the terms.

People VS Frank Castle has

A Few Thoughts

I’m not
normally one to
characters, but I really cannot stand D.A Reyes. She so sneaky and evil
I just cannot stand her. The
actress herself is awesome, but the character
just makes me so angry. I
cannot wait to see Matt and Foggy
take her

The best part of this episode, was the interaction
between Frank and
Karen. As I have
mentioned before, I love the occasional ‘softer’
that The Punisher has. I myself am a
big detail person, and I find
small details in stories adorable. The writers
have created a beautiful script.

I just absolutely was in love with how The Punisher started to melt when he

started talking about how his
son used to steal cookies and hide them under the
piano chair.

I have
praised Jon Bernthal multiple
times, and I will
continue to do so. He is phenomenal in this role. The
casting director made the
choice in selecting him for the role. He captures the character


The Elektra/Matt storyline
has me quite curious, and I really
want to know what the Yakuza are
planning. It is certainly something to
forward to!

This episode was a little slower compared to the
rest, but it
was nonetheless,
still highly enjoyable. Especially since the opening scene was
Elektra and
DareDevil kicking some Yakuza
butt. Talk about a great opening

Overall, ‘Regrets Only’
was a fantastic ‘filler’
episode to
a fast-paced Season. I look forward to what the next episode

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