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DareDevil ‘.380’ Recap/Review

Published on April 3rd, 2016 | Updated on April 3rd, 2016 | By FanFest

Ninjas scale the hospital,
‘The Hands’ creepy test subject
children are free, and Claire is trapped
in the hospital. Talk about not
someone’s night!

The ninjas break into the hospital, and halt
Claire and
her small hospital
team from rescuing the children. Claire’s nurses aid is
stabbed through the
chest, and just before Claire is
about to receive the same
fate, Matt shows up. He manages to corner the
majority of the ninjas in a room,

and begins to fight them all off. One of them kicks Claire out of the
forcing Matt to abandon his
post and jump out the window to save her. One he
successfully gets Claire on
safe ground, he heads back into
the hospital and
chases the ninjas up on the roof. However, he is too late.
The ninjas and the
have disappeared into the night.

Matt discloses to Claire what
knows about The Hand and Nobu.
Claire warns him that he is in over his head
and that it is not just his
city anymore. Matt’s phone rings
before he has a
chance to respond, and he leaves the hospital claiming it is


Karen gets questioned at the police station by Brett, on

whether or not Frank Castle
was involved in the shooting at her appointment. She
lies, saying that she
didn’t see anybody and when the
shooting started, she hit
the decks and didn’t move until it stopped. She
leaves the station, agreeing to

police custody and she runs into Matt. She tells Matt the truth, and tells
that Frank was the one who
saved her in her apartment. She also tells Matt that
she has been working
with Ellison at The Bulletin
and she believes that
is why the Blacksmith is coming after


meets Frank at
her car in the hotel parking garage, after sneaking away from her
protection. Even though she is
having second thoughts about pursuing
after the Blacksmith, she decides to
continue on. Frank promises her
that The
Blacksmith ‘won’t get the chance’ to come after her

faces trouble with
the hospital board for bringing the ‘possessed’ children
into the
hospital, resulting in The Hand’s ninjas
infiltrating the building and
killing one of her fellow co-workers. The
medical examiner begins his

examination of the ninja, and Claire takes note of the ‘Y’ incision scar
the body. A ‘Y’ incision
is typically used on dead bodies when they are being
processed for an
autopsy. How was it possible that he
already had that incision
scar, when he was alive? The board president
immediately shuts down the

examination, and kicks Claire out of the morgue.

Matt confronts ADA

Tower, as Daredevil and he
demands Tower give him everything he has on The
Blacksmith. Tower says that
the reason why they only know him
as a codename is
because he is incredibly elusive. Three government agencies
attempted to capture
and they failed. Reyes was looking into The Blacksmith’s competition.
was a new rival on the scene,
and they still moved half the drug
production. Their intel suggested that
the source point came out of


Frank and Karen venture off the beaten path, and stop at a

diner in an unknown
neighborhood. Frank asks Karen if they police or the DA’s
office had found
anything on The Blacksmith. He’s
somehow, mysteriously moving
an unprecedented volume of uncut narcotics into
Manhattan. No traces or leads as

to how he is doing it. Frank asks Karen why she didn’t shoot him when he
to her in her apartment,
before the gunfire erupted. Karen said because she
believed in him. Karen
and Frank have a deep conversation
about love, and Frank
tells Karen that right now she has everything. Despite
how much Matt may hurt
she needs to embrace her love for him.

Frank takes notice of a car

that is continuously circling the
block and tells Karen to grab all the
civilians in the diner, and hide

Matt heads to the
in Chinatown and after taking out a few men guarding the
facility, he heads down
into the
basement. There he discovers Madame Gao, the leader of the Chinese
from Season 1, who was involved in
Wilson Fisks ‘better tomorrow’

DareDevil: Call your men


Madame Gao: And why would
I do

DareDevil: Cause otherwise,
I’m gonna break
their legs. We speak


Two men enter the

diner and confront Frank. After an intense battle of shooting, stabbing, and

even coffee-pot-smashing-
into-bad-guys-head fighting, Frank questions the men on
the location of The
Blacksmith. They refuse to tell
him, therefore, resulting in
Frank killing one of the men. The second man
eventually gives up a location.

41st Street on the Pier. He then kills the second man. Frank tells Karen to
away from him, and head
back to the police.

Matt questions Gao on the
location of The
Blacksmith. Gao tells him that the
heroin being imported by The
Blacksmith is the purest she has ever seen.
He’s also very ruthless; his crew

eliminating Gao’s chemists and street dealers. Gao’s sources have revealed

that his product has been
coming in by ship, and his shipments will more than
likely be the ones that
are heavily fortified with
security. Matt leaves Gao,
heading for the piers.

Back at the
hospital, Claire gets discouraged at

the fact that the hospital is trying to sweep the ‘incident’ under the
She confronts the board
about their unethical practices, and quits the

arrives at the pier, and starts taking
out the guards one
by one. He begins spilling gasoline all over parts of the
ship, yelling for The

Blacksmith to come out and face him. One of the men on the ship begins
firing at
Frank, and he chases him
down to the lower levels of the ship. Frank seizes him
when the man is out
of ammo, and shoots him in the
leg. The man professes that
he is The Blacksmith, and he’s responsible for
the deaths on Frank’s


Just as Frank is about to finish it and pull the trigger,
appears. He tells Frank
that the man is lying, and he is not The Blacksmith.
Enraged by the fact
that ‘Red’ aka DareDevil won’t
let him finish the job,
Frank tackles Matt and begins to fight with

Matt says he doesn’t

want to fight Frank, and that they both want the same thing. The Blacksmith.

Frank tells Matt that his
way of ‘justice’ doesn’t work. Matt agrees, saying
‘just this one’ they
could do it Frank’s way. Frank
tells Matt that it is
never just once. Once you cross that line and become a
murderer, there is no


hearing picks up on
multiple cars coming in, and tells
Frank that due to the
amount of gunpowder on the ship, The Blacksmith’s men
will more than likely try
blow it up. He suggests they get off the ship, and Frank agrees. He pushes

Matt off the ship, just as the men
begin firing. Everything on the deck
explodes, and Frank’s survival is left
in question.

Brett and
the police
force arrive at the scene, and Karen is with them. Brett tells
dispatch to
prepare for the
largest heroin seizure they have seen in years.

In the

The Hand’s test
subjects resume being tested and
Nobu tells his master that the project ‘is
ready’. Two of Stick’s men
to Matt’s apartment, despite their bleeding out after being stabbed
by Elektra,
to tell Matt that
Elektra is heading to kill Stick. Foggy gets discharged from
the hospital
and leaves with Claire. Elektra
confronts Stick, blades out,
telling them that they need to


A Few


I loved the reappearance of Gao in this
Her character had an
unknown ending result after last season, and it was awesome
to have her back
in the fold. I really how
DareDevil brings these
characters back in for a bit of closure.
Will this be the last of Gao that we

see? I highly doubt it. I know Matt told Gao that he wasn’t currently

interested in bringing her in, but
I doubt he is going to let her run around
loose for very long.

is getting more involved with
the mystery of
this season, and I am a huge fan of it. I like what Claire
was able to bring out
of Matt
in Season 1, and I’m hoping they continue to keep bringing her back.
the light that Matt and his
friends need, and she never hesitates to be
the voice of true

I’m really in love with the way
the writers
have written The Punisher character. Sure, he’s a bit ruthless
and he is
supposed to be that
way. I’m a stickler for TV shows and Movies making their
characters true to
the books and comics, because
essentially, that’s where
those characters are really born. I just love how
they make sure to incorporate

what is left of Frank’s humanity, and not just have him running around as
sort of robotic killing
machine. Jon Bernthal and Charlie Cox continue to have a
exemplary delivery
of their characters, especially
in the scenes

This scene below had to be one of my
favorites in this episode.
I love the
unlikely friendship that Karen and Frank form.



Did you know
the episode is titled .380 because that is the pistol
that Karen carries?

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