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DareDevil ‘Semper Fidelis’ Recap/Review

Our opening sequence
features multiple jurors giving their
preexisting opinions that they hold
for Frank Castle aka The Punisher.
jurors are pretty split, some of them calling him an animal while the
rest call
him a hero. Over 400
potential jurors came through the courtroom, and they
finally settled on

The trial of The
People vs Frank Castle

begins. I have to say when they brought Frank
into the courtroom, I got the

chills. The footage itself combined with a fantastic acting presence and the

dramatic music really set
the stage. I’m serious, I got goosebumps. It’s
amazing how much only 15
seconds of footage can really wow a

the law office, Foggy discusses how he thinks they should
use the M’Naghten
Rule (The
insanity plea) as their defense. Karen and Matt both disagree, saying
an insanity plea in the state of
New York has a very low acquittal rate.
Karen suggests they push for a
mistrial and mention the ‘DNR’ that
was placed
on Frank’s head along with the black suits who gave the order
and Reyes’s
involvement. Matt
leaves to go work on an opening statement, focusing on PTSD
and Frank’s
time at war.

Karen heads to
talk to Frank, and discovers
that he is very against claiming PTSD.
He says it would be an insult to

those who actually have PTSD if he were to falsely claim it. He tells Karen
his life didn’t go to
Hell when he was at war, it went there when he came home.
He attempted to
push off Karen’s thoughts by
asking her if she found out who
killed his family. Karen stands her ground,
telling him that in order for her
help him, he has to help her out. Frank gives her the name of his old
Officer (CO), and
says that he could be a character witness for him.

begins to
prep his opening statement, but he
is interrupted by Elektra. She
tells him that she found out who encoded the
Roxxon ledger, and that he’s a
professor who is a master cryptographer who teaches Asian studies.
convinces Matt to go with
her to get the the last piece of the


Matt and

Elektra manage to convince the professor to decode the message, by
to throw him out the
window of his penthouse. They find out that there is a
shipment coming in
that night at 11, and it is one of
many weekly shipments. The
professor has never been told what was in the
crate, but knows it is of value to

the Yakuza.

Karen and Foggy reconvene at the office, and Karen sees
Foggy is doing the heavy
homework on the case. He has The Punisher files
scattered all over his desk,
and is writing down numerous
notes. Karen tells
Foggy that she went over the medical examination files of
Frank’s family after
assassination with Frank and that they were all incorrect. Dr. Gregory

Tepper wrote that Frank’s family
members were killed by one gunshot wound,
Frank says there were multiple
gunshot wounds. Foggy states they
should try to
get Dr. Tepper to corroborate with Frank’s story on the

Karen and
Foggy put forth all their effort into the case, Matt and Elektra head
to the
railyard. They find the boxcar
number that they gathered from the cipher,
only to learn that it was full of
dirt. (Literally, dirt). They
run into a few
Yakuza on their way out, and Elektra gets cut by one of their
blades. They head
back to
Matt’s apartment, and Matt stitches her up.

Matt and Elektra sit

down on Matt’s couch, and talk
about their past. We see a different side to
Elektra. Instead of being her
usual seductive, persuasive,
toying self… we see
her extremely humble. She tells Matt that she left all
those years ago, because
deserves better. After a moment of silence, and gazing into each other’s

eyes, Matt stands up and tells
Elektra to lie down and get some



The trial continues on, and Matt winds up being
late to deliver the
opening statement. Foggy takes his place, and makes a pretty
opening statement. He made sure to
mention the fact that Frank was an
honorable, decorated Marine and a loving
husband and father. He mentions
following the murder of Frank’s family, the police and D.A didn’t even
to step up and help
him. Essentially, Frank traded one war zone for

Foggy, Matt
and Karen talk on the court
recess in the hallway.
Matt tells Foggy he wants to take the lead on cross-
examining Tepper. Foggy
his frustration with Matt, for not being there when he and Karen were

combing through the bulk of the case.
Matt apologizes, and asks Karen to bring
him up to speed on their date at
his apartment that

During their
dinner, Matt and Karen talk about Frank’s
methods of justice. Matt tells Karen

that he believes in the law. Karen explains why she is understanding of
methods, and that
whether it is right or wrong, Matt can’t deny that it works.
Matt gets
slightly shaken, and suggests that
they should call it a night, as
they are both probably just exhausted from
the case and not thinking


Elektra appears, after Karen leaves Matt’s apartment.
tells Matt she looked at
Roxxon’s construction investment more closely and she
found there are only
a small number of projects in New
York capable of moving as
much dirt as they discovered. Elektra tells Matt
that the sites of the
were The Conservatory Hotel, the Midtown Tunnel Project and a build
site on
44th and 11th. Matt recognizes
the 44th and 11th address from Wilson
Fisk’s ‘better tomorrow’
initiative. He and Elektra decide to go
check it out
the following night, and figure out why and if Fisk held that
building for the


The next morning, Matt attempts to question Dr. Tepper but
Tepper asks to make a
statement on the record. He confesses to altering the
autopsy reports, and
not just the ones on Frank
Castle’s family. He says after
he did the autopsy reports on Frank’s
family, two men in suits came and told

him that if he did not alter the reports, they would come after his family.
Tepper revealed that last
night a woman with a foreign accent visited him last
night and forced him to
reveal the truth in court to the
judge about falsifying
the autopsy reports.

Matt realizes that it was
Elektra who went to visit

Dr. Tepper, and he discloses the information to Foggy. He tells Foggy all
the Yakuza and Elektra’s
involvement with them, and that she is the ‘rich
client’ he has been
visiting. Foggy becomes enraged,
blaming Matt for the fact
that because of Elektra’s actions, they lost a
very important lead on the case.

He accuses Matt of lying, saying he can’t count on him for anything


Later that night,
Matt confronts Elektra and tells her to stay
out of his life. Especially in
regards to the trial. They head
to the site at
44th and 11th, to check on the project. They face off with
multiple Yakuza, and
make their
way inside the building. At first, it appears as though nothing is in
building. Matt then discovers a
very large hole, approximately 40 stories

A Few

So why were
the Yakuza so
set on guarding a random hole and why is it so deep?

When Elektra
is kicking
butt and taking names, I am a fan of her. However, when she
keeps popping up in Matt’s life at
the most inconvenient times, I
just want to throw something at her. It’s
not because I don’t like seeing
get screentime, it’s just that she comes at the worst
and she doesn’t really
seem to care too much about Matt’s trial and how
important it is to him.
Elektra is definitely someone I
love to hate, well, at
least for this episode. I do think the actress kicks
ass though, and I am in
with her modification costume.

I understand Foggy’s frustration
Matt, and I absolutely agree
that Matt should have let Foggy know about
Elektra from the very beginning.
It’s putting unnecessary stress
on their
friendship right now, and could potentially cause a strain on their


I think
‘Semper Fidelis’ was another great ‘filler’ episode.
It set the stage
for two different storylines (Frank
Castle’s trial and the
Yakuza story) and I cannot wait to see where it goes
from here.


Nobu’s name was mentioned multiple times. Could the fearless ninja really
somehow be alive? I just
have an inkling that he is still lurking around. The
Yakuza need a leader,
and given how involved they are
becoming in Hell’s
Kitchen, it would totally make sense if Nobu is really

By the way,
love how strong Karen has become this season. She went from a fragile flower

in Season 1 to a strong,
independent, heroine. Way to go, Karen!

on to episode 8!
(Grabs Popcorn)

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