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DareDevil ‘Guilty as Sin’ Recap/Review

Published on March 29th, 2016 | Updated on March 29th, 2016 | By FanFest

Elektra and Matt are jumped
by the Yakuza as they continue to make
an attempt to figure out why the
Japanese gang have their minds so set
seizing the building at 44th and 11th. Matt becomes fearful for a second,

because he is unable to get
a read on them as they are able to mask their
heartbeat. Elektra tells Matt
to focus on their weapons, since
the Yakuza carry

During the fight, Elektra is slashed across
her abdomen and is
injured. Matt attempts to help her, but he gets jumped by several
Just as one of the men is about to
stab Matt, a mysterious figure jumps
down and fights off the remaining
warriors. It is Stick, Matt’s former


Stick leads Matt and a very injured Elektra out of the
and they all head back
towards Matt’s place. After taking out several more
Yakuza who attempt to
pursuit them, Stick’ getaway
driver takes them to Matt’s
apartment. The camera pans out, and we see a
mysterious figure watch as Stick’s

car disappears down Matt’s street. Stick tells Matt that he needs to listen
him in order to save
Elektra’s life, who he refers to as ‘Ellie’. She has
toxins in her
bloodstream, and her chances of living
go down with each passing
minute. After a few minutes of excruciating pain,
Elektra finally falls asleep,

thanks to Stick’s whisky formula which stopped the toxin from spreading too


Stick then
reveals to Matt that he knows Elektra, and he has for
quite some

Karen and Foggy continue to
march on with the case
of The People v Frank Castle, and Karen
continues to remain positive

about Foggy’s performance in the case. Foggy calls Frank’s old Commanding

Officer, Colonel (COL) Ray
Schoonover to the stand to give a character
statement. COL Schoonover tells
a heart-felt story about how
Frank Castle faced
off 32 enemies by himself in order to save his men. Frank
and his men were
trapped in
a valley like fish in a barrel, and when the officer in charge was
injured in battle, Frank stepped
up and made his priority to get all of
his men out alive. He single-handedly
drew the enemy away from his
position to give them all a chance to live. Not only did Frank kill
all of the
enemy, but he saved
each and every one of his Marines. D.A Reyes cross-examined
the Colonel,
asking them why the jury should
believe the story. Colonel
Schoonover then responded saying he was there,
and was the officer in charge who

almost cost the lives of all of their men. (Burn Reyes,


Back in Matt’s apartment, Stick tells Matt
Elektra will live and
she just needs to rest. Stick begins to tell Matt about
the war that will
soon erupt in Hell’s Kitchen, and
why Stick himself is so
involved in it. Years ago a war lord discovered a
secret weapon, and that was
secret to immortality. The war lord and his men, no longer needing to fear

death, blanketed the Far East and
killed everyone in their path. They called
themselves the Yaminote
which meant ‘The Hand’. Their
goal was to
activate a weapon called ‘Black Sky’. No one knows what it
really does,
because they failed
multiple times to activate it.

The Hand made multiple
including a kid who went on a rampage
to avenge his mother and the rest
of his village. The kid became known as
‘The Chaste’, and he took out
many of
The Hand’s men. It turns out that in this fairy tale, Stick himself
is The
Chaste. Matt puts 2
and 2 together, and realizes that Elektra works for

“Your city is
ground zero for a war
that it doesn’t even know is

-Stick, Marvel’s DareDevil

Foggy brings in an expert
to go over the x-ray of Frank’s skull, to
explain how surviving the gunshot
wound could impact the decisions
Frank makes
on a daily basis. Frank was shot point blank, as if executionary
style. Dr. Lee
points out
that Frank is suffering from Extreme Emotional Disturbance; he is so

emotionally disturbed that he has no
control over his actions and he has a
reasonable explanation for said
disturbances in his point of view. In
words, because of what he experienced, he doesn’t think what he is
doing is
wrong. Dr. Lee states
that ‘Frank Castle has been through hell’. Dr. Lee also
calls it
‘synthetic storming’ and that Frank
could be reliving the incident,
as if in a fight or flight


when it seems as though the jury is convinced that Frank may just simply be

insane and not a cold blooded
killer, a teen in the audience stands up and
starts screaming that Frank
killed his dad. The judge asks the
jury to ignore
what they just heard, and asks for the bailiff to remove the
young man from the


Karen and Frank have a brief

discussion, where Karen asks
Frank to take the stand. She believes that he is
not a monster, despite what
the public thinks. Frank agrees
to take the stand
and testify. Foggy tells Karen that Matt has to be the one
to question Frank.
reluctantly agrees to Foggy’s terms.


As Elektra recovers, Matt comes in
and asks her
about her history with Stick.
Elektra confesses that Matt was her
mission from the moment that they first
met. Stick wanted Matt back in
his life,
and he thought Elektra could distract him from reality and bring
him back.
However, Elektra
failed the mission and fell in love with Matt. Just as Matt
makes to reply,
Karen walks into Matt’s
apartment and sees Matt sitting on his
bed and talking to Elektra. She
hurriedly tells Matt that Foggy wants
Matt to
question Frank in court, and then she leaves.

The next day in
Foggy tells Matt that
they only reason Foggy was going to let Matt lead the
questioning is because
Matt is ‘just as crazy’ as
Frank because of
Matt’s nightly activities. There is an extreme
amount of tension
between the
two, stemming from the fact that Matt hasn’t been there for the
majority of
the trial. Frank enters the
courtroom in a suit, and the ‘Free
Frank’ supporters start to go nuts with
excitement. As the bailiff
Frank to the stand he whispers “Think about what you want,


Matt asks
Frank to tell everyone what happened the day that
Frank’s family was
murdered. Instead of talking, Frank
gives one worded
answers, and eventually begins to get sarcastic. Matt tells
the jury that
Kitchen needs heroes, to help the police. Frank Castle is a good man,
Hell’s Kitchen needs people like
Frank to stand up and help fight. Frank,
however, took ‘helping’ too far.
After Matt’s closing statement,
Frank asks
if he can speak.

Frank goes off the hinges, saying that he
would do it
all again and he
LOVED it. He knows what he did and he’s not sorry and he’s

“You people call me The
Punisher, ain’t that right? The big bad
Punisher. Well, here I am! You
want it,
you got it! I AM THE PUNISHER,”

Castle ‘The
Punisher’, Marvel’s DareDevil

Frank is removed by the bailiffs,
and the court session ends. Matt
follows Foggy and Karen outside and tells
them he thinks someone got to
Foggy blames Matt for them losing the trial, and he walks off. Karen
also tells
Matt that she and
he are done, and she wants to part of whatever is going on

Elektra and Stick talk. Elektra
tells Stick she doesn’t want to
follow his ways anymore, and she wants
to stay
with Matt. Stick leaves, and heads to his car where his driver is
waiting. He
tells him that it
is ‘time to get the band back together’ and they drive off.
As Stick
drives away, the camera pans to our
mysterious ninja on the rooftop
again. Matt returns home, and checks in on
Elektra. Elektra tells him about
she made her decision to stay with Matt.

archer breaks into
Matt’s apartment, and shoots Matt with an arrow. Matt
battles the figure
for a few minutes, before finally
unmasking him. Matt
realizes that he is a kid, and freezes for a second.
Elektra comes out from her
and slits the intruders throat. Matt, overcome with shock, freezes in
and asks Elektra what she has
done. Elektra tells Matt that this
is who she really is, and she
asks Matt if she still wants

Meanwhile, Frank is back at the
police station. The cop
from the
courtroom, who whispered to Frank, takes over Frank’s transfer. He
him down a long hallway, and every
cop they walk past turns away as if
they ‘aren’t seeing anything’.
Clearly whatever is going on, someone
has some of the cops in their back pocket. The cop eventually stops
with Frank
at a gated area,
which opens up to a recreational gym. The cop unchains Frank,
and tells him
to go inside.

We see a figure
bench pressing, and then finally
sit up. The prisoner turns around,
with a smirk
on his face. It’s Wilson Fisk. He then says to Frank ‘I
see you got my


A Few


First of all, I was NOT
expecting that ending at
all. After last season I thought
Wilson Fisk aka King
Pin, was going to be locked away and done with forever.
I was not expecting him
suddenly reappear. I have to say, it was quite a thrilling and exciting

shock. I cannot wait to see what he
and The Punisher have planned.

I loved
Jon Bernthal’s performance when he
got all
‘unhinged’ and started screaming ‘I AM THE PUNISHER’. It was so
good and so
epic that I
actually got the chills watching that scene. In fact, I watched it
times. I love these scenes where
Jon Bernthal and Charlie Cox perform
together. Their interaction this
episode was minimal, but they create
amazing presence on screen. I love it. These actors really bring these

characters to life, as if
Stan Lee drew them on a piece of paper and these guys
just literally leapt
out of the pages.

I was
very surprised to see Stick make a
reappearance in a way that he did. I’m
curious to see what his role will open up to this season, especially
since both
Matt and now Elektra
want nothing to do with him.

I loved this
episode, and kudos to Clancy
Brown for his performance as
Colonel (COL) Ray Schoonover. I really hope we
get to see more of him this


I also hope that the golden trio

(Foggy, Matt and Karen) put
all of this nonsense behind them and come together
as a team. With what
Hell’s Kitchen is about to
experience, they’re going to
need each other.

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