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Caity Lotz wants Sara Lance to have a ‘Real Relationship’

After rescuing their Captain, defeating a Legion of Doom and now altering time… our Legends have certain dealt with a lot these past two seasons and it doesn’t seem like time is going to be slowing down anytime soon (unless Barry feels like running on over, but then again he’s got his own city to save).

On top of kicking the butts of super-villains and saving cities, there is one thing that every superhero wants in their life, and that my friends is somebody to love. (and now that song is stuck in my head). One of those people who would love to be able to find that special connection with someone is none other than our favorite White Canary; Sara Lance. Well, at least actress Caity Lotz hopes to!

Aside from fixing their mistakes now that the legends have per say ‘broken time’, Caity Lotz has some other goals for her character in mind!

“I’d like to see what sort of effects being in charge have on [White Canary],” Lotz said while speaking with DC Entertainment. “I’d like to see her have a good relationship. Not just a fling but a real love relationship would be nice.”

Check out the video below:


After nearly drowning Lian Yu, training with the League of Assassins and then dying and being resurrected, you could say that Sara really has been through the ringer. That is a lot of significantly emotional events for one person to handle, so having someone special in her life to stand by her would make all the difference in the world.

Throughout the seasons, Sara has kindled a romance with both Oliver Queen and Nyssa Al Ghul. When she came on to Legends of Tomorrow many fans starting shipping ‘Captain Canary’, pairing her up wit Captain Cold. (My personal favorite!)

“I think this time we’re not gonna see history as we remembered it,” Lotz said. “Before, you’d travel back and history was kind of what it was in the text books. Now that we’ve broken time, we can travel anywhere and anything can be crazy.”

Legends of Tomorrow will return in the fall.


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