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Caity Lotz Addresses Body Shamers in Social Media Post

If you didn’t love Caity Lotz with all of your heart before, you certainly will now. In a world full of negativity and bullying, it is always so incredible to see our favorite stars taking a stand and putting smiles on all of our faces.

Caity Lotz recently took to social media, and she had a message for all those who have ever felt bullied because of their body type or the way that they chose to live their life.

Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance on the show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well as Arrow in prior seasons, is well known for how incredibly strong and quite frankly, badass her character is. Not only is Sara Lance an inspirational leader to us all, Caity herself is someone that we can absolutely look up to.

In addition to this post, Caity and the rest of the beautiful CWverse DC ladies have started a campaign of their very own called ‘SHETHORITY’, a tshirt designed by these lovely ladies themselves. All proceeds will go towards Girls, Inc. which is a company devoted to building a positive inspirational space for women.

Check it out here!

Thank you, Caity, for everything that you do and for standing up for all of us! <3


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