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‘Gotham’ Responds to ‘Arrow’ Bruce Wayne Name Drop, and it’s hilarious!

It’s always quite entertaining when TV shows tip their hats to each other, even if they are on completely different networks. A preview for this week’s upcoming Arrow episode titled ‘Tribute’ showed a clip which teased Oliver dropping the name ‘Bruce Wayne’ at a press conference – something the show has been waiting to do since it started.

The new season is off to an immediate jump start, as Oliver was outed as the Green Arrow in a television broadcast in the closing minutes of the Season 6 premiere episode. So, once again Oliver finds himself accused of being the vigilante archer. Evidence in the past has been a case of slim to none, so Oliver was able to completely get away with it.

The clip has Oliver coyly pondering if Bruce Wayne has recently left Gotham to moonlight in Star City, and the young bat-billionaire’s current television home chimed in on Twitter:

This playful tweeting aside, one has to wonder if we will be eventually seeing another, different version of Bruce Wayne existing in the Arrowverse.  Given that there are so many different Earth’s, I would have to say that anything is possible. Supergirl was eventually able to bring in Superman as a character, despite rights issues in the past… so I would have to say that absolutely anything is possible!

Arrow returns Thursday, October 19th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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