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‘Arrow’: Will Black Siren meet White Canary??

Published on May 30th, 2017 | Updated on May 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

In the final episodes of Arrow this season, the tug on our emotional heartstrings was incredibly real. In episode ‘Missing’, we got to witness Quentin Lance encounter Earth-2 Laurel aka Black Siren in an extremely emotional moment for our favorite former Police Captain.

In addition to this meeting, Black Siren has yet to meet the Earth-1 version of her Sara aka The White Canary. As it would appear, Sara is still unaware of the existence of Black Siren, as she has been extremely busy traveling through time and saving the world.

At Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London, Katie Cassidy talked a little bit about what the meeting could possibly be like.

“I think that’s something we’ll definitely get to see next season… The different relationships, how each character will react. I don’t know how Black Siren will react… I think she’s very mysterious.”

On Earth-2, Black Siren lost both Oliver and Sara when Robert Queen was the one that came home from Lian Yu. It was also seemingly implied that something may have happened to her father back on Earth-2. Black Siren agreed to assist Adrian Chase in his fight against Oliver, although it seemed she had a particularly soft spot for Quentin.

Knowing Sara, I would feel as though the meeting of Sara/Black Siren would be drastically different than Black Siren/Quentin. Sara nearly made it her mission to seek out and murder Damien Darhk this past season on Legends of Tomorrow, after he had found out he had murdered her sister. Sara valued Laurel more than any other person on the planet, so I think she would be angered by the presence of Black Siren more than anything. Essentially, it all depends on how Black Siren presents herself in Season 6. If she changes her ways and tries to be a ‘good guy’, I could see Sara being reluctant to accept her at first; I mean, working with someone who LOOKS like your sister but in reality is not, I can’t blame Sara for having some struggles with it.

If Black Siren sticks out this whole ‘bad guy’ quest, I could see Sara joining on a quest to bring her down, as she may view it as Black Siren is destroying the beautiful image and personality of our beloved Laurel Lance.

What do you think?? How would Sara react to meeting Black Siren??

Arrow will return in the fall.

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