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Better Call Saul Season 3 Finale Preview

Here we go, this is it. The season finale of Better Call Saul is here and man, did this season just fly by. I guess that’s part of the problem with these shortened seasons, ten episodes doesn’t seem like nearly enough. Even with only ten episodes Saul sure has packed a great deal of content in with a number of loose threads left to be covered.

Let’s start with last weeks ending as Kim passed out and drove her car off a bluff. By all intent and purposes Kim should be dead, but she’s not, and we say thank you big big. This accident couldn’t have come at a worse time for poor Kim as she’s pretty much taking on the load of the firm, since Jimmy can’t lawyer, while also working incredibly hard for a client that probably needs a three to four lawyer team. There’s no doubting Kim’s work ethic, as in a lot of ways she’s the anti-Jimmy, but I think we’ve reached a point where she has to acknowledge the fact that she is extremely overworked and needs to pull back. What does that mean for her career? I’m not sure but I doubt it will have good ramifications. Mesa Verde is a massive client that loves the work Kim is doing but doesn’t strike me as completely understanding if she has to take time off in order to mentally recover from her exhaustion. If she does end up taking some time away from practicing what does that mean to the firm with Jimmy? Is this what propels Saul to go into business for himself?

Speaking of Jimmy we are coming off a week where he has committed his most disgusting con yet, and I’m wondering if we’ll ever really see Jimmy McGill again. The manipulation of the old folks home to turn on that sweet old lady was difficult to watch, and while it could result in a major pay day for Jimmy, one has to wonder if it comes at the expense of his soul. Saul Goodman has done some shaddy/questionable things but I can’t remember an act that was on par with this. All season long I spoke about the arrival of Saul Goodman and I think at this point it’s safe to say he’s arrived. Maybe not fully, as there is a little bit of Jimmy left, but it’s only a matter of time at this point.

Better Call Saul Season 3 Finale Preview

Elsewhere Nacho finds himself in a heap of trouble. His poisoned pills don’t seem to be getting the job done as Hector is still very much alive. I suppose this is a problem for any aspiring rookie pharmacist. Now there really is nothing stopping Hector from doing business with Nacho’s father, and it’s resulted in the severing of that relationship. That scene between the two last week was heavy and heart breaking as you saw a man who has tried to steer his son into the right direction finally realize that it’s a pointless adventure (#happyfathersday). Both parties walked away equally heartbroken and I wonder what that will do to Nacho. It is completely possible to believe that he’ll do something rash in order to maintain his father’s integrity but what could that be?

After a full season of believing that we’d see what would bring on the wheelchair for Hector, I’m starting to believe that he might actually walk out of this season. Yes, that pun was very much intended. I just don’t see Nacho being the character who strikes the blow here. That seems like a role for Mike whether it’s through or for Gus is yet to be seen. But at this point in the series Mike is “working” for one of Gus’s dummy operations in order to make his stashed money legit. Which leaves me questioning what exactly he’ll be doing for this finale. Things have been relatively quiet on the Mike/Gus front as of late, minus the handshake, so maybe there is something in store for us in the finale.

Which leaves us with Chuck, who has done a complete 180, and has actually become a character worth rooting for. The fallout with Jimmy has put Chuck in a position to course correct his life and I’m kind of hoping that he tells Howard to stick it when it comes down to the whole retirement thing. I’ve never liked Howard despite how just he was in giving Jimmy the verbal business last week.

One final thing, do you guys think it’s at all possible that we see Gene this week? I know that the Saul only gives us a glimpse at that life in the season premiers but this year we saw Gene pass out in a stressed induced breakdown. It would be a shame to not have some resolution to that story line. Not to mention it could open the door to a possible Jesse Pinkman appearance. Hear me out, Gene in the height of his stress passes out at work and wakes up refusing to go to the hospital. He sits in a chair at Cinnabon breathing into a paper bag trying to calm himself down. At this exact moment Jesse Pinkman and Brock either walk by or into the restaurant. They lock eyes, we see recognition and slight worry on Jesse’s face and we see sheer panic on Gene’s face. I’m picturing a lot of close up here as the camera fades to the credits and we end season three. Wouldn’t that be incredible? I can’t explain how badly I want to see that.

There you have it Geeklings. What do you think the season three finale of Saul has in store for us? Will Nacho be able to take car of Don Hector or is he toast at this point? Can Jimmy be saved or has Saul Goodman taken over? Do you think my Jesse Pinkman theory is possible? Sound off in the comments below or you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32 to talk all things Saul or Breaking Bad. I’ll see you Tuesday with the review. Happy viewing!


Images and trailer from AMC

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