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Bates Motel: The Final Season Intel

Bates Motel fans rejoice! Season 5 will premiere Monday, February 20th, at 10 pm EST on A&E. Traditionally the season premiere has debuted mid-March but A&E surprised us all by announcing the final installment of the series would begin earlier and will have 10 episodes.

If you have not caught up on Season 4 stop reading, the remainder of this post has spoilers! It’s rumored that the story will pick up in White Pine Bay, two years later, and all of our favorite characters are expected to return, even dearly departed Norman Bates! So where has Norman been hiding his mother’s body? A&E released a teaser clip let us know just what he has done with her (it’s SUPER creepy!)

Since Bates Motel is a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 movie, Psycho, we are excited to see just how Norman will morph into the man we know from that classic film. Showrunner Kerry Ehrin says season 5 “is, in a way, the funniest” season yet, “[with] the most dark comedy,” adding, “I would say it still somehow manages to be weirdly life affirming.”   

In addition to favorite characters Norman Bates, Dylan Massett, Norma Bates, Emma Decody and Sheriff Alex Romero, we will see Chick Hogan, Caleb Calhoun make their return as well.  We will also be introduced to characters we know from the original movie including  pop-star/actress Rihanna as Marion Crane. The Walking Dead alum Austin Nichols has been cast in a recurring role as Sam Loomis. His character was also in the original movie, Sam was in a relationship with Marion. In the film, Marion is unhappy in her relationship with Sam. When her boss asks her to deposit a huge sum of money in the bank, Marion steals the money and flees the town. She ends up at the Bates Motel, where she meets the motel manager, Norman Bates. Shortly after learning that Marion ran off with the money, Sam and Marion’s sister go in search for her, winding up at the motel.

We know what happens in the film so how will the show tie in the events that have happened over the last four seasons? In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter show creator Carlton Cuse says “The way in which [Norman] acts and the events in the story will not be the same as the movie, they will cross paths with some of the events in the movie and lead to an ultimate resolution. What that resolution is and how that plays out is something that will be not disconnected to the movie ‘Psycho’ but will be very much our own story in the same way the entire series has been.”

While I know the series has to end, I will be sad to see it go. This show has been so exciting to watch. Seeing the events unfold and trying to guess how things will tie in with the original film has been so fun and the acting on the series has been superb! I am looking forward to a satisfying end (hopefully) to the series.

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