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Arrow preview ‘Code of Silence’

After last week’s episode
‘Sins of the Father’, I thought I could
not get more pumped. However,
after watching the trailer for the
episode of Season 4 titled ‘Code of Silence’, I proved myself
wrong. The name
of the episode
alone is enough to make me shake in my seat out of excitement.
Also, this
episode is directed by James
Bamford! When Bamford directed his very
first episode this season, the
results were phenomenal. I cannot wait
to see his
hard work pay off in this upcoming




this episode, new players
come into town. They are called the ‘Demolition
Team’ and I have a pretty
good inkling that with a name
like the ‘Demolition
Team’, these guys do NOT mess around. Also, it would
appear as though they are

working hand in hand with H.I.V.E to accomplish a single mission. To take
Team Arrow once and for

In the preview, a female voice is heard
saying ‘Do not let
Oliver Queen leave this building
alive’. If I would have to
venture a guess, I would say that is the voice
of Ruve Adams, Damien Darhk’s

wife. Who as we recall, is now running against Oliver for Mayor of Star
City. I
am curious as to why she
is so desperate to see Oliver fall. Is it because he,
as Oliver Queen, outed
her husband to the public in the
past, and this is some
sort of wicked plan for revenge? Or do they know that
Oliver really is The Green

Arrow? While I would place my bets on option number 1, I am rather curious

myself. Oliver outing Damien
Darhk certainly slowed the progress on the project
they are calling
‘Genesis’. Damien was so focused on a
personal vendetta
against Oliver that he devoted precious time to making
Oliver pay. Again,
reason why I cannot wait for this week’s episode.

Damien Darhk
Oliver Queen has been my favorite
hero vs villain combination so far this
season. Stephen Amell and Neal
McDonough do a fantastic job at
portraying the

Along with the arrival of the ‘Demolition
Team’, we have a
campaign set in motion. This is going to be very, very intense. Oliver
to have a good number of
supporters in Star City, which makes me wonder
what Ruve Adams has up her
sleeve. All I know, is that it is
going to be a
fantastic episode!

We know from previews and
promotional photos that
H.I.V.E intends
to destroy the building. How is Oliver going to fight his battle
on the
stand during the debate AND save all
the innocent patrons in the building
as The Green Arrow? It would appear as
though he no longer has Malcolm
Merlyn on
his side to put on the green suit and come to their aid once more
to protect the
true identity
of The Green Arrow.


Image: The CW


I am very much looking
to seeing Thea back on her
feet. I was extremely worried that we were losing her
last week. I love how
much her character is developing,
she really has come a
very long way from Season 1. Also, the return of
Detective Lance! I have missed

seeing Lance, and I know he has probably been laying low since Damien at
point has probably figured
out Lance is working with Team Arrow. I am very much
looking forward to
seeing him working with the team

I’m still
curious as to what this ‘Genesis’ is that H.I.V.E
keeps talking about, and I

am REALLY interested to see what role Damien Darhk and his wife play for
plan. Hopefully this
episode will give us more of a clue, because this mystery
has me begging for
more and more.

This past
week we witnessed the race
for a ring of power; the title of Ra’s Al Ghul.
This upcoming week, we witness

the race for Mayor of Star City. I have been in love with how the writers of

Arrow have drilled out an
amazing storyline since the very first episode of
Season 1. I love all the
curveballs they have thrown at us
so far this season,
it is only getting better from here!

Oliver Queen

‘Code of
Silence’ premieres on Wednesday, February 17th at 8PM
on the



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