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Arrow ‘Code of Silence’ Recap

Published on February 17th, 2016 | Updated on February 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

“Do not let Oliver Queen
leave this building

-Ruve Adams, Arrow

Well, I
certainly have to say that
fourteenth episode titled ‘Code of Silence’ certainly had me twitching in

my seat with both anticipation
and excitement! I really do believe that Season 4
is only getting better,
and the plot lines that have been
slowly evolving and
unfolding have been tremendous! Stunt Coordinator James
Bamford did a phenomenal
at directing this episode, and I look forward to seeing many more episodes

directed by him!

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‘Code of Silence’ kicked off
with Oliver
and his team stewing at the idea
that Oliver is now in the process
of going head to head with Ruve Adams for
Mayor of Star City. I’m sure
doesn’t mind the fact that he has a competitor; what’s really
getting under
his skin about this
campaign is the fact that Ruve Adams is actually Damien
Darhk’s (Neal
McDonough) wife, and she is concealing
it from the public. I was
so hoping that she was going to be exposed this
episode, especially after Team

Arrow went through the trouble of rescuing her and her daughter. Even though

that did not happen, the
anticipation building up because of it has me even more
excited for events
that have yet to

Following Oliver and Ruve’s
small official ‘meet and
greet’, Felicity let Oliver know that
her mother was
going all out for their engagement party. I say that
literally. Glitter
literally popped
out everywhere when Oliver opened the mock engagement card that
her mom was
planning on sending out. While I
highly enjoy all the action scenes
that ‘Arrow’ always has to offer, I
adore these small precious moments
the team has with each other. The writers have created a perfect
balance between
everyday suburban
family life, and butt-kicking, crime-fighting superhero squad.
I love

As Ruve exits the building,
Team Arrow attempts to track her
in order to figure out where Damien is
hiding. Their plan doesn’t go
exactly as
planned. Ruve’s driver pulls into a parking garage, and a small
gun fight
breaks out. Oliver
and Thea are forced to retreat, and head back to the Arrow

then see Ruve and Damian walking
through the hallways, headed to
a very important meeting. Ruve then,
ecstatically, talks about how after
debate kicks off, Oliver Queen will be dead… leaving Ruve looking as
’empathetic survivor’.
At that time, we had no idea what she and Damien were
plotting, but it
didn’t seem grand at all. I couldn’t
help but tilt my head
slightly when Damien paused for a moment and looked
over at his wife after she

disclosed that statement to him. Ruve noticed it also, making the comment

‘you’re not backing out of
the plan, are you?’

Damien retorted with
the fact that Malcolm
Merlyn gave him an ‘early birthday
present’ as a way to
defeat Oliver Queen that would be highly effective.
(We remember how last week

Malcolm disclosed to Darhk that William was Oliver’s son). I am beginning
wonder though if there is
more than one reason as to why Damien doesn’t want
Oliver dead just yet.
Millions of theories began
wandering through my mind, but
they were quickly shoved aside when it was
shown that Malcolm Merlyn was

included in Damien Darhk’s meeting. I couldn’t believe that he confirmed
Lance was working hand in
hand with The Green Arrow. Who knows what else Malcolm
has told Damien that
we have yet to

Damien and a few of his
H.I.V.E associates began a
discussion about Phase IV and Phase V for
their plan
for ‘Genesis’. A man named ‘Thomas’ was communicating with
them via video
and made a smart remark to Damien about his wife running for
Mayor. His

Damien then used his
mystical power to kill Thomas,
who was thousands of miles away in Madrid. I
even found myself saying ‘how
he do that!?’ out loud. He was able to imagine himself being where
Thomas was,
giving him the power
to kill him through the television. Talk about twisted. I
never saw that


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We officially met the
members of
the Demolition Team.
After their attempt to have Captain Lance killed by faking
an emergency call
from dispatch failed, Team Arrow
was able to track them down
to their base of operations. The three man team
was no joke. They not only come

to fight, they come prepared to dominate. Team Arrow was able to seize a
containing critical
information to their next target. Thanks to exemplary
computer skills
executed by Curtis, Felicity was able
to figure out that she
knew which building the Demolition Team’s next
target was. The building in
the campaign was being held.

Thea pulled the fire alarm, clearing
civilians from the building. We
then saw Ruve Adams pause from her exit of
the building and make a phone
call to the demolition team,
confirming that they
are indeed partnered with H.I.V.E. Ruve then told them
that they were not to let

Oliver Queen leave the building alive. After a few butt-kicking moments,
Arrow banded together to
neutralize the Demolition Team’s acid bombs (yeesh
talk about some killer
weapons!) and take all the members
out of the

The campaign then continued as planned, and a later
revealed that ‘experts’ believe Oliver Queen to be the future of

Oliver and Felicity’s
engagement party carried on, and we
even got to see that their old neighbors
from Ivy Town had come to see
them. I
love how ‘Arrow’ has a way of bringing characters back again, no
matter what
role they play. It
brings a sweet ambiance to the show, well, at least I
certainly believe

I found myself almost in
tears when Curtis
presented Felicity with her ‘early’ wedding present,
which at first appeared
to be a
microchip for a computer. However, what Curtis actually gave her was a
chip containing something very
special. The key to helping Felicity Smoak
walk again, more specifically, in
time for her to ‘walk down the
aisle’ if it
works correctly. When Oliver and Felicity both had tears in
their eyes, I found
them in
mine as well. I have fallen in love with all of these characters, and I
touching moments like this
between them. I would love to see Felicity walk
down the aisle to marry the
love of her life, Oliver

In the
concluding minutes of Arrow, we see Damien Darhk’s
daughter sitting at a table,

working on some sort of project. Damien appears, telling his daughter that
has someone he would like
her to meet. It is then revealed that it is indeed
William, Oliver’s son,
who Damien says ‘his mom asked us
to watch him for a
little while’. William walks off to play with Damien’s
daughter, and the
zooms in on Damien’s deadly smirk. Brr. Talk about getting the chills
that one! I wonder what has
actually happened to William’s mom, and I
certainly hope that she is okay!
With William in Damien’s
captive, it is only a
matter of time before it is a World War 3 between
Oliver and


‘Smoak-in’ Romance

While Felicity
Oliver have their up’s
and downs, they aren’t the only couple in the show.
Donna and Quentin also
have their story. I do love them
as a couple, and I think
Quentin deserves someone sweet and quirky like
Donna in his life. It broke my

heart to see him tell her that he needed to distance himself from her,
he got into it with some
bad people. (More specifically ‘gamblers’). I am able
to relate to his
character, always wanting to protect
everyone around him even
though it pains him to see them walk away.

was glad that Felicity was

able to pull him back to reality, telling him to tell Donna the truth about
was really going on. I
admire how honest he was with her, disclosing that he was
protecting her from Damien Darhk and
H.I.V.E, because he was once
blackmailed into working for them. Since
Quentin turned his back on Damien, no

one associated with him is guaranteed safety. I was pleased to see how Donna

also admired how much he
wanted to protect her and Laurel. Needless to say
‘SmoaknLance’ is back
on, and they appear stronger than

Image: The


Ollie’s Biggest


Earlier in the episode, Thea pulls
Oliver to the side to
mention that while they were doing some digging for
the campaign, Alex and the

campaign staff found out that Moira Queen wrote a check to a woman named

Samantha for $1 million dollars
years prior. The check was never cashed. Oliver
dismissed the matter, saying
there were a lot of things their
mother did that
would never be explained. Just before the campaign begins,
Thea and Oliver were
over cue cards as to what key points Oliver needed to address. Thea then

confesses that she did do some
digging into the ‘Samantha’ matter and she
found out that there was some
history between Oliver and
Samantha. Oliver
disclosed the truth to Thea that he is the father of
Samantha’s son, William,
but she
has put him in a difficult position. He can only go and see William, if
keeps it a secret from everyone,
including Felicity. Thea agrees, saying as
difficult as it may be for
Oliver, it is what is best for William.
Oliver is,
after-all, The Green Arrow and he lives a rather dangerous life.
I can only
imagine the
struggle Oliver is going through. Oliver values every single person
that is
close to him, and he knows that
secrets are what drives families apart.
He’s even experienced it first
hand. I do highly enjoy the sibling
portrayed by Stephen Amell and Willa Holland. After four years of
being the
Queen siblings, they
have established a beautiful relationship. We have seen
them both grown
individually and together so much. I
hope we get to see many
more of these in the



Reiter continues to tell Oliver that he is part of
grand plan that he has set
into motion. While we still have absolutely no clear
clue as to what that
is, we do know one thing. Oliver
needs to tread carefully,
because Reiter and his men do not mess around.
Even though Oliver now views

Reiter as an enemy and not an ally, some of the island prisoners still
for Oliver’s blood,
especially because he killed Vlad. I loved how even Tianna
spoke up for him,
saying that there was more to
the story. Oliver disclosed that
he was attacked by Vlad, and he only killed
him out of self defense. One of
prisoners told Oliver it was simple, he would be forgiven, if he killed
After a brief speech
with Tiana, Oliver found himself facing Conklin. They then
engage in a hand
to hand combat, which ends with
Oliver stabbing Conklin through
the chest. With his last dying breaths,
Conklin states that Reiter is going
kill everyone on the island, including Oliver himself when his plans are

through. Whatever Reiter has
got planned, its not good… and Oliver needs to

So, what now?

William in the
clutches of Damien Darhk, who knows what this super-villain
has planned. All I
know is
that Oliver is going to be faced with several incredibly difficult
and scenarios, especially since
Oliver’s secret about William is
about to come to light. I can’t wait to
see the next stage of this epic

showdown between Damien Darhk and Oliver Queen! The gloves will certainly be

coming off.

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