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‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Sins of The Father’

Published on February 8th, 2016 | Updated on February 8th, 2016 | By FanFest

“There will be war, and
the streets of your home will run red
with the blood of our

-Nyssa Al




even begin to explain how excited I am for Wednesday!

episode of Arrow, Season 4 titled
‘Sins of the Father’ aims to
bring much promise, and above all, much
excitement! I have to say, Oliver is

certainly facing a series of rather complicated events, all back to back.
there is the mayoral
campaign, then there are G.H.O.S.T.S running the streets on
missions, and now Thea is fighting a
losing battle as a result of her
blood lust. Oliver has a lot on his plate.
As we saw in last week’s
Nyssa presents Oliver with a way to cure Thea, but as all things go
with the
League of
Assassins, there are conditions. Oliver must kill Malcolm



Image: The

This brings back memories of Season 1, when
Oliver and
Malcolm became sworn enemies and
it was Oliver’s mission to kill
him. Since then, they have come a long way.
Oliver may not agree with all of

Malcolm’s methods, Malcolm has done much for Oliver in the past. He
Oliver in his plan to take
down the League of Assassins and the former Ra’s Al
Ghul from the inside
(still a great help, even if it was
for personal gain) and
he went undercover as The Green Arrow to rescue
Oliver and his team from Damien

Darhk. Oliver even stated that he owed Malcolm one.

Oliver seems to

always find himself in these
difficult positions, and I really feel for Oliver.
He has been struggling to
fight his darkness, and now
Nyssa is making it seem as
though killing Malcolm in cold blood is the only
way he can save his sister. My

heart goes out to Oliver. No decision is ever easy for him.

I am also

very interested in seeing
where the relationship with Felicity and her father
goes, who we the
audience now know is The Calculator
himself. I’m sure Felicity
is going to be wondering where he has been for
over half of her life. Felicity

is such a sweetheart, and I hope it all works out for



Image: The


In the preview, Nyssa and Laurel
are seen
having a heart to heart, which I
find absolutely touching and
beautiful. I loved the relationship they built
together in Season 3, bonding

over the loss of the one person they loved the most, Sara Lance. Laurel
out a softer, free side
of Nyssa that we had never seen. Nyssa trained Laurel to
be the amazing
warrior that she is today. I cannot
wait to see them come
together again, especially since Nyssa appeared
extremely disappointed in
decision to use the Lazarus Pit on Sara. I have enjoyed Laurel’s
development as well, and I feel
as though she is going to have a very
key part in this episode.

does Team Arrow stand?

to this battle, it would appear; divided. Promotional photos and
videos show
Laurel standing
alongside Nyssa, and Oliver with Diggle next to Malcolm. While
this could
just be symbolizing some sort of
meeting, my heart is pounding with
curiosity and excitement. This is going
to be a fantastic

of the Father’ airs Wednesday, February 10th at
8PM/EST on The CW.

Team Nyssa? Or Team Malcolm?

The battle for the Demon’s head

continues on Wednesday…

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