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Arrow preview ‘Taken’



concluding minutes of
the Arrow episode ‘Code of Silence’ it was
revealed to us that
Damien Darhk has some major
leverage on Oliver Queen. He has
kidnapped Oliver’s son, William. Talk
about a pretty dark deed!

few weeks now, fans of Arrow have been looking forward to this
episode and the ‘big
twist’ that Marc Guggenheim has been referring to. I know
I certainly have
been! We know that it is going to
be a real gamechanger, and
something that has never been done before with
the ‘big bad’. I’m certainly

extremely excited! I have loved the direction the writers have been taking
far with this season and
now that there is a big twist in the mix, I love it
even more.

In the
promo for this episode, it
appears as though Oliver is
kneeling down as if he is about to disclose
something extremely important to

Felicity. Moments later, Damien Darhk appears, looking as though he has just
the World Series. He
announces to Oliver that he has kidnapped William. Oliver
has Malcolm Merlyn
to thank for that, since Malcolm
disclosed knowledge of
William’s existence to Darhk after Oliver cut off
his hand, costing him
League of Assassins.

Oliver has been struggling to keep William’s

identity a secret for multiple
reasons. First, to honor Samantha’s wishes.
Second, as Thea herself even
pointed out, Oliver lives a
dangerous life. The
life of being The Green Arrow comes at a price, and
it’s not the safest life
William to be a part of. Despite Oliver’s best efforts, not only does the

enemy now know, but Felicity and
the rest of Team Arrow are certainly about to
find out Oliver’s secret as
well. In the first Flash/Arrow
crossover episode
this season, when Felicity discovered that Oliver had been
keeping William a
from her, it pretty much ended their relationship.

When Barry
himself forced to alter the
timeline to save his city from Vandal Savage,
history was erased and it was
almost as if Felicity never found
out Oliver’s
secret at all.

I can only imagine how she is going to
react now, and
judging by the
look on her face when Oliver says that William is his son in this
promo, she
looked crushed.

I’m more
than certain it is because she is
having five million different thoughts and
feelings rushing through her
How could Damien Darhk be so wicked that he would kidnap an innocent
child? How
could Oliver not
have told her about William when she is supposed to be the most
person in his life? How will the
team save William? How will William
becoming a part of their lives affect
their relationship?

are just
a few of the many possible questions Felicity has going on in her
head right
after Oliver breaks
the news to her.

Image: The CW


Not only do we have an
that is guaranteed to be
thrilling due to this plot twist, we also will be
having a new character on
the show.

Echikunwoke joins the cast of
Arrow for the role of
‘Vixen’. In this
episode, Oliver reaches out to his old friend to assist
them in the war against
Darhk. Vixen will use her magical abilities to summon animal powers and
a lock on Damien Darhk’s
location. I love the character of Vixen and I
cannot wait to see what she
will bring to Team Arrow.
(Hopefully another step
closer to defeating Damien Darhk!)

will air Wednesday, February

24th at 8PM/EST.

If it is a war that Damien Darhk wants, he is sure
to get one!

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