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Zachary Quinto honors The Late Leonard Nimoy in ‘Star Trek: Beyond’

“Live long and prosper”- Leonard Nimoy as Spock, Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Not only did these two share the experience of wearing prosthetic vulcan ears, they also shared a close personal relationship. Following  Nimoy’s death, Quinto was devastated but managed to find a way to grieve by channeling that emotion into his portrayal of Spock.  Nimoy died last February at the age of 83. He portrayed Mr. Spock from 1966 until 2013’s Star Trek: Into Darkness, where he played an elderly version of Spock opposite Quinto’s  Spock.

Quinto refused to give interviews while on set as part of his tribute to Nimoy.

“I would say my connection to the character is deeper now because of our relationship. I feel a real responsibility to honor him and to do the character a real kind of justice. So I think my connection to that is a lot stronger now even though he’s not with us anymore,” said Quinto.

Even the director of Star Trek: Beyond, Justin Lin has mentioned that Nimoy’s presence will be felt in this film and they are attempting “to acknowledge [his death] in some way.”

Quinto added that “This movie is being made with him in all of our hearts and he’ll be honored as a result of that. We miss him all the time. His spirit is really with all of us, and will continue to be for sure.”

I trust that Quinto will continue to portray Spock as we all know and love our half-human, half-vulcan Chief Science Officer, to be.

Star Trek: Beyond flies into theaters July 22.



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