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Xbox One ‘FastStart’ Updates Announced

Microsoft recently brought new feature to Xbox One with a system update today that includes FastStart and grouping games.

FastStart was announced at E3 and it involves getting into Xbox One games faster after starting a download. For example, on Xbox Wire, Microsoft said that FastStart “allows you to jump into your games twice as fast” by figuring out what parts of a game to download first. It doesn’t affect actual download speed, but it focuses on the order of download. Right now 23 games have FastStart including 17 on Xbox One, and a few on Xbox 360 and original device.

On the other hand, Groups is part of Xbox One’s Pins. It is basically just like folders. It allows users to section their games and place them indifferent groups according to their preference. According to Microsoft, Group “will appear across My games & Apps, Home & Guide.”

There are other improvements to Xbox One since the July Update. These are mixer additions and improved search options. For instance, users can go full screen when they are on a webcam.

Players are looking forward to the improve Xbox One, and apparently, insiders are currently testing out the revamped Xbox Avatar system.