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Will Ferrell Sings Love Ballad To USC Graduates After Hilarious Speech

Actor Will Ferrell delivered the commencement spech to the graduating class of the University of Southern California, on Friday. He ended his speech by belting out his rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.

Ferrell was also awarded an honorary doctorate in humane letters from his alma mater. He graduated from USC in 1990. His speech was humorous, light hearted and self-deprecating as he acknowledged the parents of the graduates who he said were probably wondering,

“Will Ferrell? Why Will Ferrell? I hate Will Ferrell. I hate him. I hate his movies. He’s gross! Although, he’s much better lookignin person. Has he lost weight?”

Poking fun at himself, he compared his acheivments to the other ceremony’s recipients of honorary doctorates which included an HIV researcher, a legislator, an orthopaedic spinal surgeon and Dame Helen Mirren.

Watch his commencement speech below:

He did point out the importance of acheiving success — kindness and empathy towards others. He told graduates that they shouldn’t worry if they didn’t have their life figured out but to “keep throwing darts at the dartboard” as he did.

He finished off his speech with a rendition of I Will Always Love You and telling students that if they ever felt down in their upcoming careers, just think of him singing softly into their ear.

Friday marked the 134th commencement of the University of Southern California.

Ferrell’s next project is the upcoming film The House with Amy Poehler. They play a couple that sets up a casino in their home to make up funds after they lose their children’s college fund.

You can watch the FULL USC commencement ceremony including Dame Helen Mirren receiving her doctorate below.



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