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What was Morgan Building in ‘No Tomorrow Yet’?

Fans of The Walking Dead know that Morgan and the rest of the group haven’t seen eye to eye a lot lately, but that might be about to change.

Morgan, who is upset that Rick and the others are so willing to jump in and kill the Saviors, spent some time alone in “Not Tomorrow Yet.”

But what was he doing?

It turns out that he was building Alexandria’s first official jail. Maybe he learned his lesson after the wolves attack. If he is building a jail cell, then he and Rick can come to a compromise: keep the life is precious mentality but lock them up so they can’t harm anyone.

Greg Nicotero, executive producer, director and Special effects guru explains in a Yahoo interview just why a jail cell is the most reasonable
thing Morgan could be building.

“He’s building a cell. The jail cell that they had wasn’t necessarily much of a jail cell. It was like a little room with a little metal gate. I think Morgan is committed to the next time they have somebody in there, if they need to, they’ll attempt to rehabilitate them. He wants to be equipped. It goes back to his story with Eastman. Let’s be honest, Jesus didn’t last very long in that place. It can’t be that secure.”

So, do you think Rick and Morgan will come to some kind of compromise? Or is Morgan just going to be in charge of the arts and crafts?

Who is going to be imprisoned first?

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