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What Song Makes You Want To Workout?

Published on February 6th, 2018 | Updated on February 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

So today was the second day of my new gym membership dear readers. Now I know you don’t know me from Adam’s House Cat (I am from the south this is an honest to God saying I promise you) but I must ask you to trust me on this journey we are about to take together. There are few people who understand my twisted sense of humor, so this may creep you out but when I am working out I have a little game that I play, and I have nicknamed it “Name that Stranger’s Tune”. How does one play “Name that Stranger’s Tune”? I am so glad you asked. I basically look around the gym and find a victim, oops I mean contestant that is listening to their earphones or earbuds and I will try and guess what they are listening to THEN for round two I pick the song in my head that I think they should be listening to. There is nothing funnier than senior citizen day and a group of little old ladies working out to DMXLose My Mind’ and to make it more enjoyable it is the unedited version.

Ok on to the real focus of this article I was listening to my own playlist as I worked out this afternoon and I got to wondering what everyone else listens to when they are working out. So I decided to do a little research and share with you all what I found out. I went to several websites, did several searches and asked several people what their favorite get “pumped up at the gym” songs were and these songs came up the most, so check and see if these are on your playlist:

Crazy in Love‘—Beyonce’
Hey Ya!‘—OutKast
Let’s Get It Started‘—Black Eyed Peas
Eye of the Tiger‘—Survivor
Can’t Hold Us‘—Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Lose Yourself‘—Eminem
Stronger‘—Kelly Clarkson
We Will Rock You‘—Queen

Now, this is not a scientific study, a Family Feud where I interviewed a 100 people or even a study that I invested hours upon hours of research. This was a quick story that came to my mind because I wanted to know what the Fan Fest readers listen to. So, if you are reading this on social media share with me what is on YOUR workout playlist. I want to know what song gets you motivated on the treadmill, what song gets you pumped to lift those weights or gets you running on that pathway.

I will get us started and share some of the songs on my playlist. I will be the first tell you I have the playlist of a serial killer. I kid you not dear reader I have everything from 2 Live Crew (Yes, I am that old) to Disney Soundtracks and everything in between. However, here are the songs that I use to get motivated to work out.

Get Ur Freak On‘—Missy Elliot (This is my warm-up song)
Crazy In Love’Beyonce
Mortal Kombat Theme Song
Screamer‘—King’s X
Boom Boom Pow‘—Black Eyed Peas
My Humps‘—Black Eyed Peas
Just Lose It‘—Eminem
Uptown Funk‘—Bruno Mars
Single Ladies‘—Beyonce
Born This Way‘—Lady Gaga

So there you have it just a glimpse into what is playing under my full headphones (yes I wear the full headphones, earbuds drive me crazy) so you don’t have to guess what I am listening too unless that 2 Live Crew song happens to be playing 😉 Happy Workout!


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