Cooper Andrews Shares Incredible Video of Jerry’s Workout

Cooper Andrews as Jerry - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The latest character on The Walking Dead to sweep in and steal the hearts of fans across the world is King Ezekiel’s right hand man, Jerry.

Played by Cooper Andrews, Jerry brings a gentle giant aspect to the series as he stands tall and intimidating, but with a laid back personality and big smile. He’s nothing short of charming and the way he fearlessly protects the Kingdom alongside Ezekiel proves that you can be happy, even in the darkest days, if you just remember that there are still good things left.

The main draw of Jerry’s character is that Andrews loves playing him so much. As with the rest of the cast of The Walking Dead, Andrews gives his all to his role both on screen and off.

Today, he shared a clip of himself preparing for Jerry’s big episode last week. As he saved King Ezekiel with his battle axe, and yes, his walker kill became one of our absolute favorites.

He captioned the video, swing something heavy for a minute then load up on five sets of breakfast cobbler.

Now, that’s a work out we can get behind.