What Song Makes You Want To Workout?

So today was the second day of my new gym membership dear readers. Now I know you don't know me from Adam's House Cat (I am from the south this is an honest to God saying I promise you) but I must ask you to trust me on this journey we are about to take together. There are few people who understand my twisted sense of humor, so this may creep you out but when I am working out I have a little game that I play, and I have...

Beyoncé Wants to Give you a College Scholarship

Fans of Beyonce are constantly inspired by her kindness and compassion, as well as her strong message to the world - especially to girls. She teaches women to be powerful, to be grateful, and to be confident. It's hard to see someone as successful as Beyonce and not want to take her advice. She's an inspiring woman. She's also a woman who wants to see young people do their best. She's gone above and beyond with her latest way of motivating young adults by offering an incredible scholarship opportunity! That's...
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