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Kathy Bates Channels Her Inner Bruno Mars in this ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Preview

Paramount Network's Lip Sync Battle has had their fair share of epic performances but we're pretty sure this week's upcoming episode is going to blow all past episodes out of the water! The incomparable and legendary Kathy Bates will take the LSB stage on Wednesday night and she is laying it all down in the below preview.  It's Bates' first time on LSB and she will be performing Bruno Mars' That's What I Like for one of her rounds.  Bates will be going up against stand-up comedian and actor Tone Bell on a...

What Song Makes You Want To Workout?

So today was the second day of my new gym membership dear readers. Now I know you don't know me from Adam's House Cat (I am from the south this is an honest to God saying I promise you) but I must ask you to trust me on this journey we are about to take together. There are few people who understand my twisted sense of humor, so this may creep you out but when I am working out I have a little game that I play, and I have...

Bruno Mars Donates $1 Million Dollars to Flint Michigan

In front of a sold out crowd at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Saturday, Bruno Mars made an announcement that stands as proof of him being more than just a music icon. During his set, Bruno announced that he'd be donating $1 Million dollars to Flint, Michigan to help with their water crisis. It's been over 1,200 days since the city had clean water. That means that for the last few years, residents have been poisoned, some dying as a result, and made incredibly ill just because they needed...
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