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What I love Wednesday Reality Crime Shows!

Welcome to this week’s What I love Wednesday! So, this week I wanted to explain why I frighten my friends and family with my obsession with reality crime shows. Yes, REALITY crime shows. I am a fan of ‘The First 48‘, ‘Forensic Files‘, ‘Deadly Women’ and ‘Nightmare Next Door‘. There are several others, but you get the point. About 10 years ago I broke my foot, I spent 4 months unable to do anything, so I found myself watching back to back episodes of ‘The First 48‘ and from there I was hooked. I do not watch ‘CSI‘ or ‘Law and Order‘ it is real crime or nothing for me.

What I love Wednesday Reality Crime Shows!Deep down I would love to go back to college and take Forensic Investigation courses however my lack of time, money and more importantly lack of commitment means that will not happen. So, instead, I will continue to be what I refer to as a “Couch Detective”. Now I cannot say I am proud that I can sit for hours binge-watching this type show on Netflix or Hulu. I CAN say it scares my family. I have explained that there is no reason for them to be afraid. I mean the first rule of these shows is that the murderer usually gets caught. The second rule is frankly I do not have the energy or time or again there is that lack of commitment that keeps me from murdering anyone. (They really do not find that joke funny)What I love Wednesday Reality Crime Shows!All joking aside I find it interesting, the entire process is fascinating to me from the insanity that the criminals feel they will get away with the crime all the way to the investigators working through the clues and solving the crimes. In a sick way, it is like a twisted game of real life ‘Clue‘ which I have always loved. However, the heartbreaking side is that the these are TRUE crimes which mean there are real family members out there who have lost a loved one. Now the question is why do people assume that because I enjoy these shows that I am a potential serial killer? Yes, I have picked up some tips on how to cover up a crime, but I have learned how to watch my surroundings in case something should happen I could be of help police with information. I also have learned that if someone tries to attack me that you fight back and get as much DNA from them as you possibly can because DNA is the best tool for catching these predators. It is amazing how far we have come even in the last few years with DNA testing and how many cold cases are now being solved that may have never been solved without this technology.

What I love Wednesday Reality Crime Shows!

So, to sum up this rambling article if your loved one is watching ‘Forensic Factor‘, ‘Cold Case Files‘ or ‘Deadly Affairs‘ the chances that they are psychotic and planning to kill you are pretty slim (cannot say it will not happen because it is a scary world and frankly they have to get these stories from somewhere) but they probably just want to be a “Couch Detective” too. However, if they are watching ‘Snapped‘ you might want to pick up those dirty clothes, help wash those dishes and cook dinner every so often just to be safe…


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