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‘Westworld’ Recap ‘Journey Into Night’

Westworld Recap ‘Journey Into Night’

Following Dolores’ turn as the villainous Wyatt and the Hosts fighting back against their oppressors, Westworld is in chaos. Bernard joins forces with Charlotte, who knows the location of a hidden compound where they will be safe and she can get word to Delos. They make it to the safe house, but Bernard is starting to break down. While Charlotte is busy, Bernard uses fluid from another Host in order to prolong his lifespan, but it’s only a matter of time before he will cease to function. Charlotte gets in contact with Delos, but they tell her that they won’t come to her aid until the package is secured. They are referring to 35 years worth of park information that Charlotte put into Peter Abernathy, who is now roaming the park.

'Westworld' Recap 'Journey Into Night'
Pictured (L-R): Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson–Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

Dolores and Teddy continue their killing spree, but Teddy isn’t quite convinced that what they are doing is right. After leaving three members of the board to die, Dolores tells him that she remembers everything now. She has seen the past and present and knows the future. The one thing that has always been constant in her life is Teddy and she has seen the two of them together in the years to come. Dolores says that they won’t be satisfied until they have taken the world from those who abused them for so long. Angela then rides up and tells them that they have found what they’ve been searching for. Dolores says it’s time to show Teddy the truth. Meanwhile, Maeve teams up with Hector and narrative creator Lee in order to find her daughter.

Besides setting his new narrative into motion, Ford left something behind for the Man in Black. William survived the attack during the banquet and as he’s traveling, he comes across young Robert, who congratulates him on making it out alive. He then says that this new game is made for William. The Man in Black is excited about this new Westworld because it’s finally real. The stakes are higher than ever.

'Westworld' Recap 'Journey Into Night'
Pictured (L-R): Oliver Bell, Ed Harris–Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

The second season is once more going to deal with different times through Bernard, who is experiencing time displacement due to his failing functions. In the episode, we jump back and forth between the present and future as he tries to remember what happened. In the future, and we don’t know how far into the future it is, Bernard is found by Ashley and Delos’ forces, who have come to subdue all the Hosts, across all the parks. When they do find the Westworld Hosts, they are all dead in an ocean that didn’t exist before. Bernard looks upon all the bodies and declares that he killed them all.

New questions were introduced in the premiere including the object Dolores has been searching for, what happened to Bernard in the time between the uprising and joining Delos’, and what this new game is that Ford created for William. Overall, this was a great start to the second season and I am incredibly excited to see what else is in store.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Reunion.’