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‘Westworld’ Recap ‘Reunion’

Published on April 29th, 2018 | Updated on April 29th, 2018 | By FanFest

Westworld Recap ‘Reunion’

This week’s episode bounces between the past and present as Dolores and the Man in Black build their armies. Dolores shows Teddy the truth as they infiltrate a command center and have the technicians play back Teddy’s history. After that, Dolores sets her sights on recruiting others to her cause. She meets up with a group of Confederates, but their leader, Craddock, refuses to join her. Teddy and Angela murder them and Dolores has a tech bring them back to life. Things aren’t so easy for the Man in Black. He finds Lawrence being tortured by some outlaws. After saving him, they try to bring over a group of desperadoes to their side, but their leader calls the Man in Black by name. He says that William has to go it alone. He and the others all commit suicide.

Pictured: Jonathan Tucker–Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

The flashbacks deal with how Westworld came to be with Logan being introduced to the hosts and William working with the investors to make sure that the park will be a guaranteed success. James Delos isn’t convinced that they will be able to run the park for that long, but William has a suggestion. They shouldn’t focus so much on what the people want. What they need to do is market the park as a place where they can be their true selves and nobody will ever know. At least, they’ll think that nobody is watching.

At a dinner party a few years later, Dolores and William come face to face again, but their meeting is cut short by William’s daughter and wife. Dolores goes out on her own and runs into Logan, who is falling off the rails. He tells Dolores the reason they’re celebrating. The world is about to burn and they (Delos) were the ones who lit the match.

Pictured: Jimmi Simpson, Evan Rachel Wood–Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

We got a lot of interesting threads this week, mostly about the true intention of the parks. From the sound of it, Delos was gathering information on people, and intend to make some use of it. Logan mentions that the world is about to burn, so could they have used these secrets in order to incite this frenzy and then sell them weapons or more information? Whatever Delos has been doing, it’s not been good. This is why Charlotte is so intent upon finding Abernathy, who has 35 years’ worth of information stored in him.

Another interesting point was brought up by Maeve, who briefly runs into Dolores. They talk about freedom and Maeve questions if Dolores and her followers are truly free. We still don’t know if Maeve’s decision to return to the park to find her daughter was her own. Dolores seemed to make the decision to take on the persona of Wyatt once again, but could this all be part of Ford’s master plan? Did he uncover the corruption within Delos and want to make sure that came to an end? The final scene of the episode has Dolores reveal that there is a massive weapon hidden in the park (which William showed her) and she intends to use it to kill their oppressors, who just so happen to be Delos’ militia.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Virtú e Fortuna.’


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