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‘Westworld’ Recap ‘Virtù e Fortuna’

Published on May 6th, 2018 | Updated on May 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

Westworld Recap ‘Virtù e Fortuna’

This week’s episode starts off in a new world, introducing us to Park 6, AKA Rajworld. Two guests get caught up in the Host uprising and only one makes it out of the encounter alive. As she’s fleeing, she is attacked by a Bengal tiger and ends up crossing over world-lines. The tiger knocks her over the cliff and when she finally washes ashore, she is confronted by Indians.

Pictured: Katja Herbers, Neil Jackson–Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

Bernard and Charlotte continue their search for Abernathy, but through a series of events, Charlotte runs while Bernard and Abernathy are taken in by Confederates. This puts them at the fort Dolores has just worked her way into. Colonel Brigham allows Dolores to call the shots as they prepare for the upcoming attack by Delos forces. After a demonstration of the weapons the enemy will be carrying, Dolores goes to Abernathy. He is broken, jumping between different narratives, but at the sight of Dolores, he temporarily remembers that he was her father. She later asks Bernard for help in fixing him, but the coding is heavily protected. Bernard works to unlock the secrets within Abernathy as Delos starts their assault. He is able to determine what is being stored in Abernathy right before Delos breaks into the shack and takes him away. Bernard hides and it is unknown if he removed the coding or not. While trying to make his escape, Bernard is knocked out and dragged away by Clementine.

Dolores assured the Colonel of their victory if he followed her plan. Unfortunately for him, this means sacrificing all of his and Craddock’s men. Dolores uses the Confederates to draw in the Delos forces, then locks them out of the fort. She has her masked men murder the Confederates through the gate, then Angela shoots barrels of explosives, killing all of Delos’ men. Dolores orders Teddy to kill Craddock and his remaining men, but Teddy betrays her, instead sending them away. What he didn’t know is that Dolores was watching.

Pictured: James Marsden, Jonathan Tucker–Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

Maeve, Lee, and Hector come face-to-face with Indians, and when Maeve tries to stop and order them away, they break free of her persuasion. They flee underground where they meet up with Armistice, who has found herself a flamethrower. She was keeping Lutz and Sylvester tied up, and once they’re free, the six head back up and find themselves in a snowy forest. There’s a campfire ahead, and while they are busy inspecting the area, Lee comes across the severed head of a samurai. Before they really have time to react, another samurai comes out of the trees to attack them. And that’s where the episode ended.

There were a lot of interesting points in this week’s episode as we saw Teddy turn his back on Dolores and Lee telling Maeve and Hector that were written to be alone. Teddy has been showing a bit of hesitance to follow Dolores, and I was wondering when he would go against her word. Will Dolores confront Teddy right off the bat? Or will she continue to test his loyalty? She loves him dearly, as she was written to, and I’m sure she will do whatever she can to make sure he stays faithful. Another love story in this week’s episode comes from Maeve and Hector, who have vowed to follow each other to the ends of the Earth. Lee tells them that it is impossible for the two of them to be together as they were both coded to end up alone. This obviously isn’t the case anymore, so does this further cement the idea that Maeve is acting on her own intuition and not what she’s been programmed to do?

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Riddle of the Sphinx.’


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