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We Need to Talk About that ‘Walking Dead’ Scene With Rosita and Gabriel

Warning: This post contains spoilers from episode 9×06 of The Walking Dead and is:

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So, this past Sunday I’m minding my own business, watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead, trying to be chill about the fact that both Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan weren’t in the opening credits.

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When all of the sudden, Rosita and Father Gabriel were kissing. KISSING.

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To me, it was truly more jarring than a six-year time jump, Carol’s new hairstyle, and meeting five new characters combined.

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Look, I get it. Six years is a long time, and there’s clearly some backstory here, but tbh, I was still trying to wrap my head around the whole Gabriel/Jadis fling.

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That had just been introduced…literally two weeks ago.

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Then, things got even more complicated. There’s a moment towards the end of the episode where Eugene, who is about to sacrifice himself to a herd of walkers, almost professes his love to Rosita.

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She tells him “don’t make this weird” but I couldn’t help thinking to myself that she already did. Even if Eugene wasn’t in the picture, Rosita – things are weird. Exhibit A:

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Granted, it’s worth noting that the Rosita/Eugene relationship is a “thing” in the comics, but I have been truly thrown for a loop with the fact that The Walking Dead is possibly setting up a love triangle between Rosita…Father Gabriel…and one Eugene Porter.

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So, naturally I decided to take to Twitter to see if my fellow Walking Dead comrades were feeling the same way, and I was not disappointed.

All jokes aside, after the episodes we’ve seen of season nine so far, I have full faith in Angela Kang and the story she is trying to tell. While speaking to The Hollywood ReporterKang revealed that she and Christian Serratos had spoken in depth about Rosita’s character and where she would be after the time jump, so, I’m willing to put my trust in this left-field storyline with the hopes that it will have a decent payoff.

[row]“A lot of the conversations Christian and I had about Rosita centered on how she feels she needs to be with a man she feels challenged by, and someone she has respect for. We felt it was a really interesting pairing. We’re going to have a very interesting story with them moving forward as well.”[/row]

However, at the end of the day, I’m just not okay living in a world where Father Gabriel (a literal priest) has had more romantic storylines than Daryl Dixon. Although, I am very excited about his new dog.

We Need to Talk About that 'Walking Dead' Scene With Rosita and Gabriel
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What were your thoughts on the Gabriel and Rosita scene?