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WATCH: Seth Rogen and Dominic Cooper Talk ‘Preacher’ While Eating Spicy Wings on ‘Hot Ones’

Sure.  It’s easy for any celebrity to sit down and partake in a normal type of interview. Common question and answer sessions are a breeze for stars such as comedian Seth Rogen and actor Dominic Cooper and have basically become second nature for them.  But, what would happen if the interviewer put Rogen and Cooper in the hot seat?  Literally.  Would they be able to stand the heat or would they beg to get out of the kitchen?

On the season 3 finale of the YouTube series Hot Ones, we learned the answer to those questions.  Hot Ones is a web series by First We Feast where host Sean Evans sits down for a little chat with some serious A-List celebrities.  During the course of the interview, however, the celebrities are challenged to also eat progressively spicy and hot chicken wings while also answering questions.  Sounds a little ridiculous, right?  Wrong!  It’s absolutely hilarious and the interviews are totally quality too.

The season 3 finale featured Rogen and Cooper as they chowed down and chatted about their AMC hit series Preacher.  While the two try to keep their cool while downing hot, hotter and then the hottest wings available, they dish on their near-death experiences, what it’s like being flatmates with James Corden and even inspires a new NSWF hot sauce name.

Who would have ever thought that hot sauce and spice could be so much fun?  Check out the spicy video below and visit the First We Feast YouTube channel for all of season 3, currently available.  Season 4 is set to premiere starting July 20th with new episodes launching every Thursdays at 11 am EST.

Warning: Video contains some NSFW language because, well, they are REALLY hot, hot wings!

Web Series Description:

Hot Ones, one of Complex’s most successful YouTube franchises, airs on First We Feast. Hot Ones is the most talked-about interview show on the Internet, thanks in part to its game-changing format: For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing. The carefully chosen hot sauces and deeply researched topics ensure that the interviews always elicit a major response—both from the celebrity talent taking on the wings, as well as the millions of die-hard fans who tune in weekly. Past guests include Kevin Hart, Rachael Ray, James Franco and Bryan Cranston, DJ Khaled, and Rob Gronkowski.

First We Feast believes that food is the new pop culture. The James Beard Award-winning website bridges food and entertainment through its innovative mix of videos and feature stories.

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