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Watch Joe Jonas and the Rest of DNCE Prank Lyft Riders

Most of us sort of experience a feeling of dread when we first get into a taxi, Lyft, or Uber. Will the driver be kind, will they be playing shotty music, or will they be the kind of person we’d totally follow on social media and meet up for drinks with later? Seriously, it happened to us in LA once – our Lyft driver was fantastic and we’re totally Instagram pals now.

Some passengers who took a Lyft recently got more than they expected when they got into a car driven by Joe Jonas. Not just Joe Jonas was in the vehicle, however, he was joined by the rest of DNCE as well and they brought along some instruments.

You could tell that a couple of the passengers knew something was up but they weren’t quite sure what it was. However, when the instruments came out and they started singing so well together, they began to grow a bit more curious.

Before they revealed who they were, they even sang DNCE’s newest hit ‘Kissing Strangers’ and for a few of the passengers, it’s clear that the song was a bit of a turning point. However, until Joe took off his hat and shades, no one was brave enough to voice their suspicions.

Undercover Lyft has a series of videos on their YouTube page with stars like Demi Lovato to Shaq. If you want a good laugh, tune in to the videos.

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