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Bonnie Tyler Singing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ During the Eclipse is an Actual Thing That’s Happening

Turn around bright eyes! In a remarkably genius move, Bonnie Tyler will be performing her hit song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” during the actual solar eclipse on August 21. The famous Welsh singer is scheduled to perform the universally fitting song live on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Also, Joe Jonas will be there as Tyler will be performing alongside his band, DNCE. The five-minute-plus song will be split to match the extremely rare eclipse’s two-minute-40-second running time. “It’s going to be so exciting,” Tyler told Time Magazine.

The ship is set to leave Orlando, FL on August 20th, and god bless all of you lucky souls who will get to witness this purely epic performance on a purely epic night. For 5 minutes everything will be right and aligned in the world as (and yes, this bears repeating) Bonnie Tyler performs “Total Eclipse of the Heart” under the actual eclipse.