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‘Walking Dead’ Alum Madison Lintz to Appear on Sunday’s ‘Talking Dead’

It’s time to open up the barn again because Madison Lintz will be joining Chris Hardwick & Co. on the Talking Dead couch this Sunday following the new episode titled “Stradivarius”. The popular after-show announced the news on Twitter.

Fans will remember Lintz from her days playing Carol’s daughter Sophia throughout the show’s first two seasons. Her disappearance was the catalyst for a lot of heartbreak and drama for Rick’s group throughout the second season. Not only did it lead them all to Hershel’s farm, but it spurred a power struggle between Rick and Shane and aided in the blossoming of Carol and Daryl’s friendship. Unfortunately, Sophia’s story was met with a tragic ending when it was revealed that she had been turned into a walker and was right under the group’s nose in Hershel’s barn the whole time.

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Since Madison’s days on the show, her two brothers Macsen and Matt have also appeared on The Walking Dead with all three sharing special relationships with Melissa McBride’s character Carol. Macsen played young Henry throughout seasons 7-9 and the eldest Lintz, Matt, is currently playing the older version of Henry in season 9. So, it will be fun to see what insight she has about her brothers and where Carol’s character is now.

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“Stradivarius” will also mark a Walking Dead homecoming for Michael Cudlitz who played Abraham Ford on the series. He will be returning to make his directorial debut. The episode will find “Carol seeking out an old friend living alone in the wilderness teeming with walkers, while survivors make the perilous trek to a new home.”

Since her days on The Walking Dead, Lintz has been starring as Maddie Bosch on Amazon’s original series Bosch, which was just renewed for a sixth season. She also recently appeared in 2018’s Along Came the Devil.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC with Talking Dead airing immediately after! Are you excited to see Madison Lintz back on the couch?