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Walker Stalker Con Orlando: Every Guest From ‘The Walking Dead’s Current Cast

Published on August 2nd, 2018 | Updated on August 2nd, 2018 | By FanFest

We’re only one week away from Walker Stalker Con Orlando, and to prepare, we have a week of content with everything you need to know about what to expect from this event. It’s sure to be a memorable way to bring your summer 2018 to an end.

One of the most thrilling parts about Walker Stalker Con is the opportunity it provides to meet your favorite actors from your favorite show. In this case, there are several cast members who currently play roles on The Walking Dead that will present. The coolest part about it is that they’ve each got one goal in mind: to meet YOU!

Here are all of the guests attending Walker Stalker Con Orlando, who are currently starring in AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead and where they left off during season 8.

Tom Payne

Character: Jesus

Status: Last we saw him, he was in on a conspiracy to turn against Rick along with Daryl and Maggie, who all feel as though Rick betrayed them by keeping Negan alive.

Christian Serratos

Character: Rosita

Status: Last seen punching Eugene after he puts up a great act pretending to be on Negan’s side this entire time, and delivering goods to the new, no-longer-Negan-run Sanctuary.

Alanna Masterson

Character: Tara

Status: Last seen delivering goods to the sanctuary with Rosita.

Katelyn Nacon

Character: Enid

Status: Still a bit broken hearted from the loss of Carl, Enid was last seen with baby Gracie at Hilltop, and hiding from Saviors before the war ends.

Khary Payton

Character: King Ezekiel

Status: Last seen back at the Kingdom, now feeling much at peace with Negan being defeated.

Seth Gilliam

Character: Father Gabriel

Status: Last seen praying at Alexandria, thankful that the war is over and that he could assist, even though he is now going blind from illness.

Cooper Andrews

Character: Jerry

Status: Last seen back at the Kingdom after the war

Ross Marquand

Character: Aaron

Status: Last seen back at Hilltop after the war, with baby Gracie.

Avi Nash

Character: Siddiq

Status: Negan’s new official caretaker, and “keep ’em aliver”

Austin Amelio

Character: Dwight

Status: We aren’t actually sure yet-Daryl set him free to go find his long lost wife, and we have our fingers crossed that we will see him in some form again soon!

Pollyanna McIntosh

Character: Jadis

Status: She has left the Junkyard and has joined the crew at Alexandria, last seen with Morgan, who is now gone and part of Fear The Walking Dead.

Xander Berkeley

Character: Gregory

Status: Last seen locked up in Barrington House-unharmed by the war.

Peter Luis Zimmerman

Character: Eduardo-Hilltop Guard

Status: Last seen with Tara and Rosita, delivering goods to the Sanctuary


If you’ve ever wanted to share a special moment with any of these awesome people, they’ll be in Orlando on August 11th and 12th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida! You can buy tickets on the Walker Stalker Convention website!

Keep your eyes here, because tomorrow we’ll be highlighting the actors of past Walking Dead characters who have died on the show and will also be attending the event!


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