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Walker Stalker Con Nashville – The Autograph Pre-Sales

Hey, Walker Stalkers! Let’s paint a picture for you for just a moment. You see the schedule for Walker Stalker Con near you and you immediately buy tickets, you take an extra day or two off of work so you can truly enjoy the mini vacation, and you plan what photo ops and autographs you absolutely need to purchase.

The convention countdown has suddenly gone from 150 days to 1 and now, you’re immersed in all things The Walking Dead. You get to the venue early, you make your way inside, and the autograph lines for your favorite celebrity are already so backed up, you decide to wait until later. However, later comes and the lines have doubled in size. You promise yourself to get there earlier tomorrow, but to no avail – it’s just almost impossible to see some celebrities.

Now, picture these big name celebrities staying after convention hours, skipping breaks, and doing everything in their power to see every fan in attendance – even if it’s an almost impossible feat.

It’s not an easy situation for anyone. The guests in attendance get a bit bummed out when they can’t meet names like Norman and Jeffrey, and the guys feel bummed that they have to turn anyone away.

For these reasons, and more, we decided to bring pre-sale autographs into play for Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. These do a few things to make the experience of our conventions easier on everyone.

First: you know whether or not you’re going to get the autograph before the convention even begins. You don’t have to stand in line for hours to possibly be told that you can’t be seen. It’s a rare occasion when Norman or Jeffrey walk away from a table with guests still at it, but sometimes, it happens

Second: a number of autographs we release will still allow those who do wait in line to enjoy other parts of the convention. You don’t just want to stand in line all day, well we mean, it’s worth it for those two – but we know you want to see other things too. Our panels are great, the other celebrities are also some of your favorites, and there’s insanely clever cosplay, great vendors selling one of a kind merchandise, and opportunities to build friendships that last a lifetime.

Third: The guys can take a break! Now, meeting fans all day is something they both like doing, they’ve said it time and time again, but they’re human too. They frequently get guests at their tables, they even try to pop in and surprise one another – but we know they’d like to see more of the convention too, like to have an opportunity to get to know the fans better and to feel like their time was manageable.

We’ve received a lot of questions about pre-sale autographs, the reasoning behind them, and how on earth you purchase them. For each convention where we have these opportunities, there will be information on how to purchase, what time they go on sale, and how much these autographs will cost. We like to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible.

For Nashville, your pre-sale begins on May 20th at 8 pm CST at

There are no special links or codes given out – this is done in an attempt to make the process as stress-free for everyone as possible. When purchasing these autographs, please remember, you may only purchase one per actor while online. At the convention, you are able to purchase more.

When you make your pre-sale purchase, you’ll be assigned a group and a scheduled time to be at the actor’s table.

For our Platinum and Gold guests – you’ll have the option of using one of your autograph vouchers for each actor.

You won’t have the opportunity to purchase autographs for Norman and Jeffrey at the convention unless you get the pre-sale online. Don’t be discouraged, however, if you don’t snag one. If you only go to a convention for one person, you miss out on a lot of unique experiences. The other actors in attendance will still be signing autographs and there are photo ops available as well.

We hope to see you in Nashville, be it in those autograph lines or just enjoying the experience as a whole. The countdown is almost up, we’re looking forward to unleashing the undead in Nashville, TN.

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