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Visit Pennywise’s Lair at ‘The IT Experience’ Pop-Up Haunted House Coming Soon to Los Angeles

In just about a month, Pennywise the clown will return to the big screen to begin terrorizing a whole new generation of the Loser’s Club but, before the reboot film hits theaters, you can enter into Pennywise’s world in real life!

In Los Angeles, a brand new pop-up haunted house will be opening its doors and inviting you down into the demonic clown’s lair to see Where IT Lives during a terrifying 20-minute walk through inspired by Stephen King’s classic 1986 novel.  The IT Experience will take place in the two-story Niebolt House on Hollywood and Vine for anyone who is 18 years of age or older and brave enough!

Those who dare to enter will be guided through the attraction by Georgie whose paper boat gets lost down the sewer drain –  the moment which sets all the creepy events of the novel and film into motion.  Georgie will take groups of 7 guests through the 5000 square foot house full of immersive rooms designed to mirror scenes from the film complete with authentic props and all.  The walk-through is full of surprises, live actors, holographic images, animatronics, videos, and state of the art lighting.

The IT Experience will be open on August 14th and run through September 10th.  The new IT film creeps its way into theaters on September 8th.

Are you brave enough to give this haunted house a go?

Visit Pennywise's Lair at 'The IT Experience' Pop-Up Haunted House Coming Soon to Los Angeles