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Three Things Sony Needs To Achieve In 2019

Once again, Hello PlayStation Nation! Happy New Year to all of you! As we breathe in that fresh 2019 air, let’s take a look at a few things Sony should want to accomplish to make it’s player base happy as we progress in this new year.

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  1. Figure out how you are relaying new information

One of the biggest surprises this year was that Sony was not going to make the trek to E3 in 2019. PlayStation has been a fixture there for years, and while the trade show has not been what it once was, Sony is a major player there so it’s absence will be felt. Along with this, Playstation Experience also took the year off in 2018. The question now remains, how will Sony communicate its biggest news?

The easiest way to do it in my mind is in the vein of Nintendo’s Directs. Nintendo struck gold in both entertaining and engaging with it’s rabid fan base, and Sony would be wise to follow suit. PlayStation Blog does a great job with the information they bring, so maybe they could host it?

Three Things Sony Needs To Achieve In 2019
With Sony skipping E3 is it more likely we will see PlayStation Experience back, if not earlier? (Photo credit to PlayStation)

2.  Just release everything

So everyone has been waiting for several PlayStation exclusives for quite a little while. We have the likes of The Last Of Us 2, Ghosts Of Tsushima, Medieval, and the ever elusive Kojima game, Death Stranding. Some may have another year or two, and some may be awaiting a simultaneous release on PS5. But I have a better strategy, just let them all go now.

Sony is obviously dropping from events because it does not have anything more in the pipeline right now for PS4 (possibly at all). Sure, PS5 is probably not until 2020 at the earliest, so a game or two will be needed to flesh out 2020 beforehand, but at this point, why wait? Go out with a bang of incredible gaming. Can you imagine if every one of those titles and Days Gone hit in one year?

3.  Continue to broker incredible “second party” offerings

By second party, I mean a company who is working exclusively with a first party but is not owned by them. As of recent, Sony’s willingness to go get games made such as Quantic Dream’sDetroit: Become Human’ and Insomniac’s GOTY nominee ‘Marvel’s SpiderMan’ has made them the big bucks. Sony is making the right decisions, and they have to keep taking chances.

I mentioned the previous two titles intentionally. Detroit was a risk, but calculated given previous success by Quantic Dream. SpiderMan was one of Sony’s smartest yet safest moves ever with not only bringing the popular hero back to it’s platform, but also giving a fantastic studio like Insomniac the controls. These are the things that “win” console generations, sell systems, and delight consumers. Keep it going.

Three Things Sony Needs To Achieve In 2019
Marvel’s Spider-Man was an amazing win for PlayStation, and the kind of deal they need to keep making. (Photo credit to PlayStation)

There are my three things Sony needs to achieve in 2019! What do you think, do you agree with these points? Are there other things you think would make Sony more successful in 2019? Let us know about it in the comments below.