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Thor has Nothing Left to Lose in new ‘Infinity War’ TV Spot

If you’ve somehow missed the memo, Avengers: Infinity War is bound to be one of the most emotional films of 2018. It’s not the type of tear-jerker you plan to pop in with Ben & Jerrys on Friday night in. In fact, we have a feeling it’ll be much worse.

That feeling was only intensified when we saw the latest TV spot for Infinity War. We see a new level of desperation and urgency in the eyes of the heroes we love. It opens up a new plain of vulnerability.

With the most heartwrenching footage we’ve seen in a while, this one really got to us. A teary-eyed Thor asks Rocket what more he really has to lose. Rocket says he has a lot to lose, but Thor…he seems to have lost it all.

We’re going to try not to read too much into that until we sit down in theaters on Thursday. The key word there is: try.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.