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This Hero’s Show of Bravery had a Major Impact on ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Published on May 4th, 2018 | Updated on May 5th, 2018 | By FanFest

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, we’d recommend not reading any further.

While the bitter pill that came alongside Avengers: Infinity War is still hard to swallow, what’s worse is thinking about what would have happened if a few key moments in the film hadn’t happened.

Thanos did succeed in the end, but not before suffering a few blows. The Avengers, while largely defeated – managed to pull off a few shining moments that led to…well…not a total realm of loss and devastation.

When the film starts, we see a rather sassy Groot amongst the Guardians of the Galaxy. He remains that way for most of the film, but you could tell the events unfolding aren’t totally lost on him.

In fact, Groot is a saving grace for the film, and his shining moment happens at the most poignant time. In matters of life and death, with the universe hanging in the balance, he makes a decision.

Groot sees a moment where he can help, and jumps at the opportunity. He cuts his own arm off to make sure Thor has a weapon capable of taking on Thanos. Even after a brief moment of looking nervous, gearing up to make a sacrifice while hoping he was capable of it, he pulls off one of the most important moments in the movie.

That moment wasn’t just important for the fight against Thanos-but for Thor’s life. He was dying after taking on the full power of a star. Groot gave him life as he gave the Avengers a fighting chance. As his arm helped bring Thor’s weapon to life, a second wind was given to the good guys with not a second to spare.

While Thor was unable to ultimately stop Thanos, he did give everyone in Wakanda a fighting chance. He was also able to wound Thanos enough for that moment of realization to happen, one that showed Thor that Thanos’ plan was far from over.

Even while Groot suffered at the snap of Thanos’ Gauntlet, his bravery was critical to any advantage the Avengers had. While it’s hard to look at the end of the film and see them having won at all – they did – at least to a degree.

We’d hate to think about what would have happened if Groot hadn’t been able to help Thor.

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