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16 of our Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Trailers

As we count down the days until Avengers: Infinity War, we’re taking a look back at the first 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU has given us the chance to see our favorite heroes on the big screen. It’s also given us a decade worth of incredible films, experiences, and memories.

We’re taking a look at everything from our favorite quotes to our favorite heroes and everything in between. For day 16, we’ve decided to look back at 16 of our favorite MCU trailers.

16. Ant-Man and the Wasp

We can’t wait to see this movie, and it’s the humor and plotline we see in the trailer that has us so anxious. Plus, it’s a trailer we can watch to take away some of our anxiety about Infinity War. Oh, and that giant Pez dispenser? So cool.

15. Captain America: The First Avenger

We see pre-serum and post serum Steve Rogers. We see Bucky Barnes. We see the road to becoming Captain America. This trailer was the perfect introduction for fans.

14. Thor

Not everyone was impressed with the Thor films, and not everyone was enthralled with this trailer, but we still think it was a great one. We learned enough to get us interested in seeing the film. Like we say a few times along this article, we like to see just enough without ruining it.

13. Iron Man 2

We love a snarky Tony Stark, so the scene they showed at the beginning of the trailer was one of our favorite.

12. Spider-Man Homecoming

We had a glimpse of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Civil War, but his first solo film had an awesome trailer to accompany it. This Spider-Man is definitely our favorite.

11. Doctor Strange (second trailer)

Doctor Strange had one of the most informative and captivating solo journeys so far, so this trailer had to be included on our list. Plus, there’s something about the colors and the vibrancy and the way the entire trailer was just…very inviting.

10. Avengers: Infinity War (first trailer)

The first trailer for Infinity War was an incredible look at what battle our favorite Avengers would face when Thanos began his universe-wide domination. Plus, it’s all we had for months, so, we watched it A LOT.

9. The Avengers

We had to include this trailer, it’s the film that started it all for the Avengers with Nick Fury starting the ‘Avengers Initiative’.

8. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 tested Tony Stark in a lot of ways, and this trailer is just a small preview of what he faced in the film.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser trailer

Baby Groot. Those two words make this trailer. Not to drown out the other characters or plot details but, he’s just the cutest.

6. The Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer

Age of Ultron brought the Avengers face to face with a pretty distinct evil. This trailer definitely got us excited about seeing the film.

5. Captain America: Civil War

The trailer shows the tension between Captain America and Iron Man which in turn becomes tension between the Avengers as a whole. It shows some of the ins and outs of the movie but still leaves enough to the imagination. Plus, that Spider-Man entrance in the end.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

This was our first glimpse into the stunning and hilarious film that is Thor: Ragnarok. The humor, the storyline, and the fights were some of the best in MCU history. It was a definite turning point for the hero.

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is just an incredibly well put together trailer and the film is still our favorite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  There’s so much story in the film, and not just for Captain America.

2. Black Panther

Black Panther was an incredibly successful film. That actually feels like an understatement when we say it. The trailer hyped up the film enough without giving too much away. Plus, those Killmonger scenes.

1. Avengers: Infinity War (recent trailer)

Of course, our favorite trailer had to be the most recent for Infinity War.