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There’s a New ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory About Bran That’s Both Absurd and Plausible

There's a New 'Game of Thrones' Theory About Bran That's Both Absurd and Plausible

Another day, another Game of Thrones theory. This time it’s about the youngest remaining Stark boy, the Three Eyed Raven himself – Bran. Just look at how excited he is to hear about this new fan theory!

There's a New 'Game of Thrones' Theory About Bran That's Both Absurd and Plausible

Bran has had a pretty interesting season thus far. First, he reunited with Sansa with little to no excitement. Then, like a creep, he almost immediately brought up that time she was raped. He showed a teeny tiny ounce of personality when he was reunited with Arya, but gave ol’ Meera, who had saved his life and protected him multiple times, the boot like a damn robot. Awkward encounters aside, Bran has been pretty quiet on the plot front this season.

Still, the amazing Game of Thrones fan base has managed to come up with a pretty crazy yet entirely plausible theory about him. One Reddit user has come to the conclusion that Bran is actually the Night King, leader of the White Walkers. On what grounds, you ask? Let’s take a look.

The theory finds Bran traveling back in time in an attempt to warg his way into the body of the man who would later become the Night King, with the intention of stopping the Children of the Forest from creating the White Walkers in the first place.

However, the Children of the Forest don’t believe or recognize him and they pierce the man’s heart with Dragonglass while Bran is still trapped inside, making him the Night King. Jojen and Brynden had warned him previously that if he were to stay in the past too long he could become stuck there.

The theory becomes even more possible when you look back at the White Walker creation scene from the Season 6 episode, ‘The Door’ (which we are still not over, by the way).

In the video, not only does Bran tighten his grip on the vines as if he’s experiencing the same pain, but his position against the rock mirrors the Night King’s stance against the tree and the frame-to-frame transition between the Night King and Bran’s eyes could all be hinting towards the fact that they are the same person.

Then at the end of the video, there’s this confession from Leaf that flat our supports the theory.

Bran: “It was you? You made the White Walkers?”

Leaf: “We were at war. We were being slaughtered. Our sacred trees cut down. We needed to defend ourselves.”

Bran: “From whom?”

Leaf: “From you.”

There's a New 'Game of Thrones' Theory About Bran That's Both Absurd and Plausible

What do you think about this latest theory? Is Bran the Night King?