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‘The Walking Dead’: The Cave, Odds On Who Makes It Out Alive

The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale left viewers with a real cliffhanger.  Like, actually on a cliff. A group of Survivors are together and in a bind after Carol (Melissa McBride) recklessly pursued Alpha (Samantha Morton).  Now, the fate of multiple characters hang in the balance and there’s no way they can all make it out unscathed. What are the odds on who makes it out alive?

A crew consisting of Carol, Daryl (Norman Reedus), Jerry (Cooper Andrews), Magna (Nadia Hilker), Kelly(Angel Theory), Aaron (Ross Marquand), and Connie (Lauren Ridloff) went out to search for Alpha’s herd.  During the search, Alpha appeared on the edge of the woods and Carol saw her.  Carol proceeded to pursue Alpha, even though Daryl continued to urge her to stop.  Carol is anguished because Alpha beheaded her son, Henry (Matt Lintz).

Carol followed Alpha into the woods and then Alpha ran into a cave.  Without any hesitation, Carol pursued her into the cave too.  Then Daryl ran after her with the rest of the group in tow.  Then, the entire group ran into the cave and fell into a hole that was boobietrapped.  The hole put them cliff-side in a cave overlooking Alpha’s horde of walkers.

Showrunner, Angela Kang, hinted at how it won’t be easy for the gang to get out, in an interview with Deadline. “They’ve stumbled into at least like a major part of Alpha’s herd. You know, they’re in this cave system, so they don’t know how far these zombies might go,” she said. Things aren’t looking promising for the group, so let’s take a look at the odds of who’s doesn’t make it out alive:


Although Carol may be the reason that the crew is now stuck in the cave, she will not be a casualty of her own stupidity and reckless pursuit of Alpha.  Carol’s emotions put her in this position but they will also get her out of it.  She has a score to settle with Alpha and fans clearly want to see her get her revenge.

AMC - The Walking Dead
Source: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC


Daryl isn’t going anywhere and will probably go out with arrows flying when or if the series ever completes its run.  Daryl is the central male figure of the show with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) now absent.  Daryl also has to find love in the apocalypse for fans to finally feel that his character is complete.  Whether that’s shipping Caryl, Donnie, or Degan, that must come to fruition before Daryl can die so fans don’t riot!

KELLY 10:1

Kelly is agile, strong and wills her way through situations, despite her disability.  Also, due to her stature, she should have an easier time climbing her way out of this situation.  And, her disability may actually be a strength in this situation, as it is often said that when one sense is removed that the others become more strengthened.


One word: “Donnie” (That relationship must happen!)

MAGNA 20:1

Although Magna is in a relationship, her character is still willing to mix it up and put other’s safety ahead of her own.  This willingness may mean she’s willing to sacrifice herself if it means that the other members get out of the cave alive.

JERRY 30:1

Jerry has been the King’s bodyguard for years, which means that his nature is to defend.  However, Jerry’s role has shifted to one that is similar to the rest of the group and has become a peer.  Jerry also has a family to consider now before he takes any action.  Yet, as a sizeable person myself, Jerry’s size could make climbing out difficult and also navigating tight spots in the cave.  This may his survival difficult.

'The Walking Dead': The Cave, Odds On Who Makes It Out Alive
Source: AMC

AARON 50:1

Aaron is possibly the most likely to not make it out of the cave alive for the simple reason that his loss of his arm makes climbing up a cliff almost impossible.  Aaron does have a daughter to live for, which should motivate him to give everything he has to survive.  However, it may not be enough.  Aaron is a character who would give his life if it meant the rest of the crew survives and knowing he can’t make it up and out on his own abilities could mean that it’s time he gave his life so they live.

What do you think about these odds? Do you think that everyone makes it out or does someone die due to Alpha’s trap?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!



9 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’: The Cave, Odds On Who Makes It Out Alive

  1. Well it aint Carol, Daryl nor Aaron 100%. If you watch the episode 9 trailer, you can see Daryl being handed a reconditioned vest by Judith, Carol talking with Ezekiel, and AAron during some night time defense with folks behind spiked shields. So they are sure to made it out of the cave.

  2. I take it you didn’t watch the promo for the next episode?
    Daryl, Carol, Kelly and Aaron are all confirmed safe in the promo.
    Cooper (Jerry) canceled a con to film at the end of the season (not a spoiler, a fact they put out there – and it happened not long before Norman posted to Instagram that they wrapped season 10).

    That leaves Connie and Magna as the only possible victims of the cave.
    Most likely to die? Connie. She doesn’t have any story of her own, it’s all about her sister now.
    Magna could die, but she seems to have a lot more story left to tell, especially with Yumiko.

    As for the random “Donnie” mention: As you know (based on you having watched the show) “Donnie” has already been shut down completely by the show when they had Daryl confirm it’s not like that with Connie, “not at all”. With Frozen 2 out, this seems like a fitting line: Let it go.

  3. Why can’t all of them make it? Plus hate that ‘dismissal’ of Aaron with them odds, I would say Kelly with an earlier foreshadow or indeed Magna.

  4. “Donnie”? Yikes. Daryl already stated very clearly that he ain’t about it and Connie literally rolled her eyes at the thought of it. The show has worked HARD to shut that down. lol.
    Anyway, back to the cave. Connie definitely isn’t safe. Nor is Magna or Jerry. They teased Jerry being in trouble in the promo which probably means he’s safe. Everyone else is in the promo (in scenes not in the cave). Neither Connie nor Magna were in the thanksgiving photo that was posted, so one or both won’t make it out. (And yes, Jerry is in the photo.)

  5. I believe it might be a possibility that because Arron has befriended Gamma and her knowing he has a daughter along with knowing her niece is at their camp.
    It’s possible Gamma shows up and helps them get out of the cave

  6. Along with my other comment about Gamma showing up to help them, I believe Alpha’s daughter shows up also to help Gamma get them out

  7. I wish it was Carol! I’ve HATED her and Daryl since TWD writers sacrifice Carl, Jesus, Tyrese just so those 2 can take over parts of the comic books story ARC, so that no ones safe was always another lie TWD writers told,BYE BEAUTIFUL JERRY,AND MAGNA!

  8. Lol “donnie” is not a thing! And that’s seriously the only reason why you want Connie to survive?!Not for her storyline with her sister or with her group just because you want her with Daryl who said he’s not interested in her?! That’s really gross.

  9. I’m so tired of hearing about Stink ass Daryl and the Mute chick Connie. I can’t even stand going on one of the spoiler dead fan site because that is all they talk about as if they are some great love story get the F out of here. People only want Connie to be with Daryl not even to have a good story for her it’s all about Daryl. Nobody would have given a F about her if she didn’t stand or have a few scenes with that bum Daryl.

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