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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap Episode 914 “Scars”

Spoilers from episode 914 of The Walking Dead to follow. Caution: The episode includes sensitive situations not safe for children.


Michonne rides on horseback by a river littered with walkers stuck in sludge. She walks towards the water and picks up a revolver. It’s Rick’s. These walkers are left over from the explosion at the bridge. She is pregnant signifying that this is a flashback. Daryl appears and tells her he’s been searching in another area. She says she can’t sleep because of the baby, and that Judith is asking about him. He is still camped out in the woods.  She wants him to come back, but he isn’t ready.

She asks him is he’s okay being alone. He says he is, she says she isn’t.

Flash to now. she sits in her house holding Rick’s gun. She puts it in a box with Judith’s name on it. Aaron walks toward the house urgently. He tells her Daryl is at the gate and isn’t alone. They see Daryl, Connie, Lydia and Henry. Aaron says they can’t trust the girl. Michonne says she trusts Daryl. She signals to open the gate.

Flash to a time when she is pregnant again, and she is notified that some group members have taken in strangers. They open the gate and Rosita stands with a new girl who recognizes Michonne. “Jocelyn?” Michonne says, shocked and smiling.

Flash to the present. Siddiq dresses Henry’s wound. He needs stitches. Connie writes on her notepad to Michonne that she doesn’t regret it, but jokes that she needs better shoes. She thanks Michonne. Aaron approcahes to tell her that it doesn’t look like they’ve been followed.

Flash back again, Jocelyn is panicking and leaves the hospital. Sqiddiq and michonne try to calm her. She says she needs help.A bit further in the future, Michonne leads Aaron, Rosita, Gabriel Eugene and more in a run down building. They explore with flashlights to find directions how to skin a deer. They’ve stumbled on a group of children living there.

Back to the present, Lydia and Henry examine his stitches. She thanks him. Michonne approaches and needs to speak to Lydia alone. Henry turns first and thanks Michonne for letting them go to the fair. Michonne says she cares about Henry and knows Lydia does too. They sit on the porch. Michonne tells her she’s had to do hard things and risk people to keep the community safe. She says she has made peace with it. She says she wished she could walk away and have everyone be safe.

Daryl and Lydia sit by the water mill. She asks about Lydia and says she wants to help. She asks him if he would stay her, but he says he should keep moving. He says keeping the place safe is all that’s important. Judith says she has heard the stories about them fighitng the saviors and winning. She asks what her dad would do? He is silent. “That’s what I thought.” She asserts.

Another flashback, and kids are sitting around a campfire. Michonne, clearly still devastated over losing Rick, tells Aaron she wishes he could see it.

In the kitchen, she talks to Jocelyn about how her kids are good at hunting. She says they take care of her and that they are capable of anything. Jocelyn sees her give a look and refers to a memory they made in highschool, which confirms how they know each other. Jocelyn thinks she is about to go out searching for Rick again and Michonne asks what if she never finds him. She tells Michonne to go find him because anything is possible. Michonne says she’s glad Jocelyn is here.

Present. Daryl and Aaron walk to leave Alexandria. Daryl hugs Michonne and she tells them to stay safe. Judith waves and Michonne says she’s mad at her and she isn’t ready to hear the truth. She wants her to keep bring a kid. The four of them and Dog head for the woods. Michonne looks at a sewer great and it triggers another flash.

It’s fall, she’s still pregnant and knocks on the door of a house. It’s Jocelyn’s and Judith is supposed to be there. She and Scott (Kenric Green) call out to their kids and nobody answers. Michonne runs and screams for Judith. They find a man dead. Bloody footprints lead to a sewer grate.

Present. Michonne, RJ and Judith sit at the dinner table. Judith says she isn’t hungry and asks to go to her room. She says sure but wrap her food and put it away first.

Michonne lie awake and we see the  on her back. She knocks on Judith’s door.  She says she knows she’s upset and wants to talk. She says they’re is something she wants to tell her. Judith is gone, her room immaculate. Michonne approaches Negan in the cell and asks if he’s seen her. She want to know what they talk about. Negan says homework, Daryl, stories about her dad and Carl. Negan says he tells her how badass Carl was and how her dad cut his throat. She is angry and asks why he tells her the stories. She accuses him of having selfish motives. Michonne asks if he told her what he did to Glenn and Abraham. He says yes she’s heard those stories too. Negan says she wants Michonne to let people in. Michonne flips and yells at him that she is her daughter. Negan says that’s why she has her own ideas. Negan relizes she doesn’t know where Judith is and says she probably is acting like her mother, and not taking crap lying down.

Michonne runs back home and finds a note left. It says she has gone to help her friends.

Flashback to pregnant Michonne and Daryl in the woods after they found the dead man. Michonne can’t believe Jocelyn has turned on them. They had been through so much together. She is mad at herself for letting her guard down. Daryl says she isn’t evil like her. They keep moving. She sees one of the kids and chases after him.

They bust in and are surrounded  by kids. Daryl is shot with an arrow and they knock Michonne out.

The two are gagged and tied to the ceiling. a child comes over with a hot iron coal and brands Daryl. Jocelyn applauds the child and says “The strong survive and thrive.” The child returns with the brand and does the same to Michonne.

Present. Michonne rides through the woods and comes across a bicycle. She runs through a herd of walkers yelling for Judith.

Flash back to Daryl and Michonne escaping the branding room. Michonne yells at Jocelyn asking where Judith is. She sees her run out with other children.One child stabs Michonne’s pregnant stomach. Then they run away. She is hit several times by Jocelyn. Michonne is on the ground and reaches for her katana. She kills Jocelyn. One of her men instructs the kids to kill her children. She has to kill the ones who come at her stomach with knives. The last child runs away. She calls for Judith who finally calls out mommy and runs toward her. It takes her a moment to recognize her.

Present. Michonne fights walkers and imagines those moments. Judith appears and helps her. A walker grabs Judith’s leg and she calls out “mommy!” Michonne saves her.

They sit nearby and Michonne gives her a bandage. She tells her about those kids and how in that moment she thought she lost her. Judith remembers not being able to recognize her and that’s why. Judith knew they were bad after. Michonne didn’t know she remembered. Judith said it’s because she didn’t want to make her sad. Judith says they’re friends need them.Judith says loving someone means doing whatevr to keep them safe. Judith asks when they stopped loving Daryl Maggie, Carol or Eugene. She says they didn’t, but Judith says it feels that way. They embrace.

Flashback, they return to Alexandria after the battle with Jocelyn. Everyone is reunited with their children.

Present. Michonne and Judith stand at Carl’s grave where she made a pact never to bury another child. Michonne tells her why they decided to make it about just the people who lived here. She says it kept them safe and that’s all she wanted. She says she is right and they have to protect all the people they love, and they will.

They ride through the woods to The Kingdom, and pick up Daryl, Connie Lydia and Henry.

Two whisperers see them enter The Kingdom and say they must tell Alpha.



The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.