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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: “Good Out Here” Recap

***Warning, SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT, If you have not yet watched the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead and DO NOT want to know what happens before watching, TURN BACK NOW.***


Episode 403 focuses mainly on Nick and Morgan-and rightfully so. In a lot of ways, their characteristics parallel each other. They are both fighting their demons within. What has this world, the people they have encountered and the things they have done turned them into? Do they truly want to remain that way?

Nick, Alicia, Strand, Luci, Al,  John, and Morgan are in the van on their way to the encampment where Al found the “51” flag. The series continues with the “before” and “after” story line. Nick flashes back throughout the episode. First, he flashes to where he is burning up the weevil infected crops back at the stadium, and later when he goes on a run with Madison.

Distracting Nick, Al gets out of her ties and attacks him. A fight ensues causing Luci to drive off the road and into a ditch. Nick wakes up to find that the tables have turned and they are the ones being held captive. The two groups realize that the only way out of this mess is to trust and help each other. In order to pull the van out of the ditch, they would have to tow it. Luci tells them where they can find a truck to pull it out.

'Fear the Walking Dead': "Good Out Here" Recap
Richard Foreman, Jr./AMC

Nick is left behind with Morgan. In just a short time, the connection between Morgan and Nick is very reminiscent of Morgan and Eastman’s in The Walking Dead’s episode “Here’s, Not Here.” Nothing is revealed, but we can clearly see that something is not right with Nick. After hiding from the passing blue El Camino that belongs to the Vultures, Nick becomes blinded with rage and is intent on chasing after it. Morgan attempts to stop him but isn’t successful. Nick leaves Morgan behind to pursue his revenge as the van’s horn is blaring, attracting the infected to it.

Why though?

What happened to send Nick into this blind fury? Maybe his flashbacks are actually foreshadowing something to come?

Speaking of flashbacks-while on a run with Madison, he asks her how she can continually go out and do these runs. She replies and says that every time she does, she looks for something good. It is revealed that the Vultures are always one step ahead of them finding food because good ole’ Charlie is secretly listening in on them through their radios. Nick threatens to kill Mel’s brother Ennis but has to be stopped by Madison. He reveals to her that he wasn’t afraid of what was outside the stadium, he tells her that he is more afraid of what being outside does to a person.

Later, while on their run, Madison stops at a clearing full of bluebonnets and reminds Nick that there is still good in a world that can be so ugly.

After running for some time, Nick comes across a patch of bluebonnets. Lost in thought, the infected attack and he narrowly escapes with Morgan’s help. With the horn still blaring in the distance, they seek refuge.

'Fear the Walking Dead': "Good Out Here" Recap
Richard Foreman, Jr./AMC

Finding a pharmacy, Morgan tends to his wound. Nick asks why he saved him and Morgan replies as he always does,

“I Don’t Kill.”

Morgan tells Nick that his seeking revenge on whoever is driving the El Camino (Ennis) will not end the way he thinks it will. Nick stubbornly argues reminding Morgan that even though he may not kill, at some point, he did. He asks Morgan who he lost in order to lose himself. As usual, Morgan leaves.

Morgan later encounters Ennis, and warns him to leave knowing that Nick isn’t too far behind. As Nick approaches, Morgan again pleads with him to leave. Nick charges towards Ennis but is stopped by Morgan. Morgan recognizes the rage in Nick but realizes that the only way to stop Nick is to kill him, which he won’t do.

Nick attacks Ennis, they fight and Nick impales Ennis on the antlers of a deer’s head. With no remorse on his face, Nick pushes Ennis’ body deeper onto the antlers, finally killing him.

After Nick emerges from the shed, he tells him that he understands where he is and he has lost himself because of losing his family and friends. He goes on to tell him about Eastman, and how he taught him how all life is precious. He gives Nick his The Art of Peace book and tells him that it’s not too late.

Alicia, Victor, Luci, Al, and John arrive with the van. It escaped unharmed. I know you were worried about the van.

'Fear the Walking Dead': "Good Out Here" Recap
Richard Foreman, Jr./AMC

Nick flips through the book, pockets it, sits and pulls out a sprig of a bluebonnet he picked. A shot rings out. He realizes that he has been shot and sees Charlie with a gun. He calls to her and she runs off as he falls to the ground. Luciana, Victor, and Alicia try to stop the bleeding but the wound is fatal. As he dies and in his final flashback, he returns to the clearing of bluebonnets. Finally feeling peace, he closes his eyes…Rest In Peace Nick Clark!

All I can say is WOW! I didn’t see that coming. I literally feel like someone punched me in the stomach. I am truly at a loss for words.

Frank Dillane has done a superb job in his portrayal of Nick Clark. From his addiction to walking amongst the dead to finding love to sacrificing himself for his family, Dillane and Nick will truly be missed.

That being said, Nick may be dead but is it truly the last episode that he will be in? The last 2 episodes have been playing with time by jumping back and forth, “before” and “after”. My guess is that it will not be the last we see of Nick. How else are they going to explain what has happened to him, Madison and the group at the stadium while the Vultures continue to wait them out in the parking lot? Where is Madison? Nick’s rage has to stem from somewhere and I am thinking it has something to do with his mother. If not, how is his death going to affect her? Nick was everything to her. The first two season, her focus was solely on Nick. The more I watch, the more I have questions.

What did you think of the episode? What are your questions for the remainder of the season? How do you feel about Frank Dillane’s departure from the series? Don’t you want to know what “The Bog” really is?

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm on AMC.