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‘The Walking Dead’: Review ‘Still Gotta Mean Something’

Published on April 1st, 2018 | Updated on April 1st, 2018 | By FanFest

Spoiler Warning: Only read ahead if you’ve seen episode 812 of The Walking Dead.


Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead marks only 2 more until the season finale.

This episode seems to be the one where Rick really starts accepting the loss of Carl. He has read the letter, but not until the end of the episode. The episode sort of tricks you in the beginning-it seems he’s about to read the letter but Rick decides he’s not quite ready yet. He still needs to do something.

When he asks one of the remaining Saviors where he thinks the rest are and storms out to find them-he makes it pretty clear that he’s not going to made friends. It seems like he cannot get over the death of Carl until he kills the rest of the Saviors that escaped.

Morgan has the same desire, and ventures out with Carol, who truly believes Henry didn’t make it. She changes her mind when she sees a walker with his stick through him.

Morgan had a great episode where he really experiences some craziness happening inside his mind.

Morgan and Rick have some pretty telling scenes together in this episode. The things they did were disturbing at best, but they were redeemed towards the end of the episode.

The only redeemer to their questionable actions was Rick recalling when Morgan saved him for the first time in episode one of The Walking Dead. I always love a good callback.

“Why’d you save me?”

Rick asks over and over.

Morgan says it was because his son was there. Of course it was.

Carol and Ezekiel share pretty special moments as well. He believes she’s given up on the prospect of Henry being alive.

“You, who I thought were the bravest person I met. No. You were stopped by cowardess.”

She proves him wrong in the end, of course. She also reveals to him that she had a daughter, and after that she found a better version of herself. This situation sort of echoed when Sophia was lost, which is another great callback.

At Hilltop, Tara has a brief moment with Daryl-she seems to have avoided the illness which is awesome, because Tara has life yet to live!  Daryl still has’t been convinced of his innocence in all this.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Another great callback, Michonne speaks about Andrea when she explains to Rick how running isn’t the correct choice. I often forget how close Michonne and Andrea were. They had a really cool friendship.

Jadis and Negan have an interesting interaction where we learn the specific history behind Lucille-without giving too much away, he tells her about his wife and he gets into a really vulnerable place. If you have hated Negan, I feel like this episode almost warms us up to understand his point of view and feel for him a little bit.

Also, the helicopter is real. It’s real people!


So the ones to watch right now-Morgan, Rick and of course Henry. He seems to have let the violence go but we know how apocalypse kids are.

I thought this was a great and solid episode that is continuing to set Morgan up for the crossover with Fear The Walking Dead, and also sets Rick up to figure out what he’s going to choose. Will he be violent out of emotion, or will he do right by him and do the right thing?


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